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Phone Call Politics

The phones 4474-4475-4476 corresponding to the NTT offices are locked.
In oder to have a better control on the calls that are made from the offices
and telescope extensions, the procedure is the following:


  For official, NTT-related phone calls, pls get the line using
  *15 45964 94/97/98 then dial the number. This code (45964) will identify the call 
  as official, and it will be billed to the NTT.
  Please, do not distribute this code outside the NTT Team. 

  For private phone call, please use your personal *15 code.

  For official, NON-NTT related calls (e.g. scientific), please use 
  common sense... If the call is urgent, make it using the NTT code. 
  If it is not, please call from Stgo or use email/fax.


  For official, NTT-related phone call, dial directly

  For private phone calls, please use your personal *15 code. Note that
  this is critical only for long distance calls. For short, local calls,
  you can use the official lines.

If you do not have a *15 code, pls contact Luis Aguila (laguila0. 

Thanks for your cooperation.

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