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Superb Seeing Imager - 2

[ SUSI2 deep field] The Superb-Seeing Imager (SuSI2) is a direct imaging camera optimised for periods of good seeing. Former SuSI was replaced with an upgraded system identical in concept but with a larger field of view (5.5 x 5.5 arcmin). This upgraded system has been called SuSI2.

SuSI2 was installed on the Nasmyth A focus in December 1997 and was commissioned February 1998. It compliments the imaging modes of EMMI which is permanently mounted on the Nasmyth B focus at the NTT.

Instrument Scientists: Julia Scharwächter and Alessandro Ederoclite

Publications based on data obtained with the SuSI2 instrument should quote the following reference paper: D'Odorico, S. et al. 1998, SPIE 3355, 507

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* A Detailed list of changes at SuSI2.
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Instrument Features
Brief Instrumental Overview
SuSI2 in a Nutshell
SuSI2 CCD Information and latest CCD tests
SuSI2 filters and their characteristics

Instrument Performance
* Fringing pattern for the I#814 filter
Photometry and Throughputs
SuSI2 Sky Brightness

Observing with SuSI2
SuSI2 Setup Request
P2PP Templates quick reference
Fast Photometry
Documentation User Manuals, in depth reports for SuSI

Observing Tools
SuSI2 Exposure Time Calculator
Landolt Standard Fields online
ESO User Support Services and Tools
(Standard Star Catalogues, Software support)

General Observing
Generic information for the NTT observer
P2PP Instructions
required reading for both Service Mode and Visitor runs
Phase II instructions for Service Mode Observations
Standard Calibration Plan
Weather Constraints

SuSI2 results
Up-to-date list of SuSI2 related pubblications (newest first)
Young and Exotic Stellar Zoo (March 2005)
Faintest Methane Brown Dwarf Discovered with the NTT and VLT (August 1999)
Distant Supernovae Indicate Ever-Expanding Universe (December 1998)
Deep sky diving with NTT (January 1998). See also SuSI2 Deep Field

Internal pages
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