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Version: P81 2007-11-20 Ivo Saviane

La Silla IP monitoring 

Remember: instructions on IP management for instrument scientists are at this page.

The exec time scripts are contained in the cmm module called ohsls. On January 5, 2007, the USD has started a page to keep track of the scripts. Go to here.

Before this date I had the ohsls module on the sheriff pages. The version was reported in the file ohsls/ChangeLog. For each instrument, the formulae used in the actual script were documented in the directory ohsls/doc/ETRM/.

So in principle the IP version should have the same ETRM number regardless of the instrument, and it should be unique for every given period. For P79 the ohsls module is at version 0.19, so all IPs should be version xxx.19. However some instruments have stable and old versions of the ETRM scripts.

The following table is a summary of the current situation at LSO; for each instrument, three columns of info are given. First is the latest xxxtsf module archived in cmm. Then the ISF version extracted from the file /vlt/insroot/SYSTEM/COMMON/CONFIGFILES/xxx.isf, which lives in the instrument workstation. And finally the IP version distributed by Garching, and obtained from the USD department (usually Stephane Marteau).

TSF module in cmm archive     ISF in ins. workstation        Garching              NOTES
ceotsf  last version: 2.3   CES3.6.isf,v 2.3 2004/09/29   CES3.6 203.13  :: In the ins WS there's a CES.isf as well, but it's obsolete

efotsf  last version: 1.9   EFOSC2.isf,v 1.9 2006/04/06 EFOSC2 109.14  

emotsf  last version: 2.13  EMMI.isf,v 2.13 2006/09/26  EMMI   213.19  :: New: RILD_spec_cal_ArcFF; sum of one arc (RILD_spec_cal_Arc) +three spectroscopic flats (RILD_spec_cal_DomeFlats).

feotsf  last version: 1.29  FEROS.isf,v 1.29 2007/10/02 FEROS  129.20 :: installation by Oliver; new template FEROS_ech_cal_DRS_INIT; Garching might have 1.25

haotsf  last version: 1.37  HARPS.isf,v 1.37 2006/08/25 HARPS  137.19 :: HARPS: ohsls now computes times for EGGS; a bug in the readout definition was fixed;

sootsf  last version: 2.67  SOFI.isf,v 2.66 2006/12/15  SOFI   266.18 :: a new non-destr dark template and two
new imaging templates that allow to rotate the instrument between the
offsets AutoJitterRot and JitterRot.

suotsf  last version: 3.1   SUSI2.isf,v 3.1 2004/07/10  SUSI2  301.13 

wfotsf  last version: 2.10  WFI.isf,v 2.10 2007/10/02 WFI    210.20 :: From Oliver, 02/10/07: WFI-209.10 on w2p2dhs still, for compatibility reasons, like following.
WFI: ohsls 0.19 in Garching but 0.14 at w2p2dhs to be able to send to execution queue OBs from previous periods.
New EVM script released on 20/12/2006: "if DPR.TYPE is not set to 'OBJECT', issue a WARNING:
no proprietary time for the data taken with this template."

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