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Creation and Installation of LaSilla Instrument Package


2.4 - 2008-11-27 csnodgra: changed directories on epu for scp for new web structure
2.3   2007-Nov-20 isaviane: added line to Section 4, about IP installation, after Oliver

2.2 - 2005-Nov-26 fselman: Updated for WFI/FEROS VLT-like procedure
2.1 - 2004-Dec-02 jpritcha: Updated for VLTSW-APR2004
2.0 - 2002-apr-22 ohainaut: update for P2PP-2.5
1.5 - 2001-jul-16 O. Hainaut/P. Le Saux : new generation templates
1.4 - 2001-apr-12 P. Le Saux : update for new workstation names
1.3 - 2000-feb-8, O.Hainaut: update the new kila structure
1.2 - 1999-Aug-21, O.Hainaut: post JUN99 Upgrade 
1.1 - 1999-Feb-12, O.Hainaut 
1.0 - 1997-Jul-10,  Gautier Mathys 


1. Preliminary Note

It is assumed that you start from an archived TSF module, e.g. emotsf.
If you need to make modifications to the ISF or some of the TSFs, follow the instructions in Section 2, then install as in Section 3.
To generate an IP from an existing module with no modification, go directly to Section 3.
Be sure to notify the configCtrl officer (P.LeSaux) of the changes.As a reminder, the list of authorized filters, grisms, etc is located in the Instrument Signature File, config/default.isf
Make sure that the IP file created has the exact format described below. If the ohsls version is not in the name then the execution times will not be calculated properly in p2pp and will not be displayed in ot.

2. Modification of the Instrument package


3. Offline creation of the instrument package

4. Online Installation the Instrument Package at telescope

After unpacking the ZIP file on the DHS, start p2pp under the instmgr account with any program ID/pwd.Otherwise some directories/permissions will not be created and the p2pp under visitor account would later fail.

5. Publish new IP

6. Install the IP on offline systems

This will be taken care of by LS-Archive once the above notifcation is made.

Appendix: list of TSF modules

EMMI: emotsf
SuSI2: suotsf
SofI: sootsf somtsf ( instead of previous sotpl )
TIMMI: tiotsf
HARPS: haotsf
CES: cesosf
EFOSC2: efiotm (Because very old reason *.*sf files are included in the observation templates module, but this situation will be normalized with the new BOSS/ICB EFOSC2 P76 software version).
FEROS: feotsf
WFI: wfotsf


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