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Fast Photometry
Fast Photometry

It is possible to define sequences of many windowed frames in order to sample the lightcurve of a rapidly varying object.

Image EC05217

For example, the window presented above has a size of 100 x 400 pixels. The mean dead time between two images is 13 seconds, with an exposure time of 10 seconds in the 3x3 mode, so a sampling time of 23 seconds. To use this mode, use the following procedure:

Additionally, another template SUSI_img_obs_DoubleW, has been introduced to perform fast photometry of two objects at the same time (e.g. a variable star and a reference star) using two non-overlapping windows. You follow the same procedure outlined above to define the two sub-windows. To decrease the read-out-time between two exposures you can use 2x2 bining or even better 3x3 binning. Usually if you are looking for quick photometric variations, you are not really interested in resolution. More important is to minimize the dead time. The following is an example of a light curve obtained with this method:

Light Curve

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