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FEROS on the MPG/ESO-2.20m Telescope

General Information

FirstLight at MPG/ESO-2.20m The FEROS instrument is a state-of-the-art bench-mounted, high-resolution, environmentally controlled, astronomical Échelle spectrograph. It is opertated at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in La Silla, Chile, one of the best astronomical sites in the world.

The high efficiency (~20%), large wavelength range (the complete optical spectral region in one exposure) and high resolution (R=48000) makes possible a large variety of stellar and extra-galactic spectroscopic observation programs requiring high spectral stability.

Publications based on data obtained with the FEROS instrument should quote the following reference paper:  Kaufer, A. et al. 1999, The Messenger 95, 8. 

Proposal preparation:
All proposers should check in the Call for Proposals which observing modes will be offered for FEROS and during which periods the 2.2m telescope is available in ESO time. These constraints need to be considered in the proposals.

FEROS on the MPG/ESO-2.2m News
arrowbk 2008-01-03:  A planet discovered around TW Hya  (Setiawan
et al. 2008
arrowbk 2006-10-15:  New version of User Manual.                 
arrowbk 2006-06-03:  Successful installation of the new ADC (see Report).
arrowbk 2005-11-26:  Pipeline support for 2x2 binning readout modes  implemented (see DRS).
arrowbk 2005-11-26:  New version of User Manual and Template Manual released (see Documentation).
arrowbk 2005-11-26:  Daily Health Check implemented in Calibration Plan.
arrowbk 2005-11-26:  Quality Control (QC0) monitoring implemented.
arrowbk Old news...

arrowbk News on Service Mode Data Packages: Starting from period 77, a new delivery of the Service Mode data is implemented. In addition to the raw data, the reduced data from the pipeline used at the telescope will be included in the data package. Although our aim is to distribute on a regular basis high quality reduced data, we cannot fully guarantee the quality and the avaibility of the reduced data.

Please mail to ls-feros for comments, suggestions and to report errors and inaccurate statements in the web pages and manuals.

arrowbk FEROS-II aka FEROS Big Bang  (2003)
arrowbk Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector  (2003)
arrowbk FibreHead Upgrades  (2003)
arrowbk Commissioning III & IV  (2002)
Moving FEROS from the ESO-1.52m Telescope to the MPG/ESO-2.2m Telescope  (Apr-Nov 2002)

arrowbk MPG/ESO-2.2m

Other FEROS Pages
arrowbk FEROS at the 2.20m before the VLT upgrade.
arrowbk FEROS at the ESO-1.52m telescope.
arrowbk FEROS at the Landessternwarte Heidelberg.

arrowbk Period 80: 2.20m, FEROS, Service Mode
arrowbk Period 79: 2.20m, FEROS, Service Mode.
arrowbk Period 78: 2.20m, FEROS, Service Mode.
arrowbk Period 77: 2.20m, FEROS, Service Mode.
arrowbk Period 76: 2.20m, FEROS, Service Mode.

arrowbk Procedures
arrowbk Maintenance Plan
arrowbk Practical Hints & Tips
arrowbk Sciops Software Maintenance
arrowbk FEROS DRS SoftWare Maintenance
arrowbk FCU lamp change
Instrument Characteristics
arrowbk General Description
arrowbk Instrument Configuration
arrowbk Instrument Performance
arrowbk Instrument Efficiency
arrowbk Detector Performance
arrowbk Quality Control

Phase I and II Proposal Preparation
arrowbk Documentation
arrowbk Exposure Time Calculator: This is the NEW ESO standard ETC.
arrowbk Calibration Plan
arrowbk Telescope Balance
arrowbk Service Mode

At the Telescope
arrowbk FEROS Environmental Monitor
arrowbk MeteoMonitors: MPG/ESO-2.20m and the Observatory.
arrowbk Exposure Time Calculator: This is the NEW ESO standard ETC.
arrowbk FEROS DRS
arrowbk Standard OBs
arrowbk Observing Log Sheets
arrowbk Target of Opportunity Observations

Other Resources
arrowbk Data Archive and Sample Images
arrowbk Technical Reports etc
arrowbk CCD Info
arrowbk TroubleShooting
arrowbk Environmental Monitoring Archive

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