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The Nasmyth platform for the Visitor focus on VLT-Melipal (UT3) as seen from the Nasmyth access platform on the fixed part of the telescope enclosure.
View across the platform towards the Service Connection Point (SCP). In the foreground is one of the openings through which cables can be routed below the platform, and one of the steel rails.
Detailed view of the opening and the rail.
PICT0127 PICT0132 PICT0133
View along one of the rails towards the Adapter/Rotator.
The SCP on the left side of the platform (looking towards the Adapter/Rotator).
The SCP on the right side of the platform.
PICT0134 PICT0128 PICT0135
The right side of the Adapter/Rotator showing the manual telescope drive. The space needed to access the manual drive constitutes one of the "red carpet areas" which must be left free.
Close-up view of the Adapter/Rotator showing the guide probe near its parking position. In the background the Nasmyth beam shutter is visible; it may be used as calibration screen.
Close-up view of the Nasmyth instrument rotator attachment flange. The shiny disk outside the flange is the brake disk of the rotator.
PICT0137 PICT0140 PICT0139
View from the Nasmyth platform towards the (fixed) Nasmyth access platform. Telescope is in Park Position. The access doors are closed and locked with the yellow/black devices. To the left is the stairs which can always be used to access the Nasmyth platform.
The access stairs from the Cassegrain floor to the Nasmyth platform, as seen from the top. These stairs can always be used to access the Nasmyth platform, independent of the position of the telescope.
View from the Nasmyth access platform towards the Adapter/Rotator. Telescope is in Park Position. This is the only position where direct access from the Nasmyth access platform is possible; telescope azimuth motion has to be locked in this case.
PICT0138 PICT0130 PICT0141
The space on the Nasmyth access platform which may be used by Visitor Instrument teams during integration of the instrument. Available space is approx. 8 by 2 metres.
View from the access/integration area on the Nasmyth access platform towards the elevator (only to be used for the transport of equipment).
The standard portable LN2 dewar (capacity 120 litres).
PICT0143 PICT0147
Top view of the standard portable dewar. The filling neck has to be provided by the visitor instrument team. Flange size is DN40.
The "goods entrance" to the VLT UT enclosure. On top is the trap door through which instruments or large parts thereof are lifted with the enclosure crane.

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