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EMMI - RILD Focus Flexure Monitoring

The purpose of this procedure is to monitor the mechanical flexures produced  into EMMI - RILD with the rotator at different angles measuring the shifts of image on CCD in x,y and focus.

The procedure takes n exposures of the pinhole seen through Focus Wedge , changing the rotaror angle by a rotator step editable in the RildFocusFlexure.obd, then, measures the displacement of the pinhole image on the CCD in x and y directions for the leftmost image and dy ( defocussing)  for the rightmost image
(for  spectroscopy, x axis is along the dispersion and y axis is across the dispersion).

The RildTiFlexure.seq template moves rotator b from wemmi.


  • Check that pinhole is installed:
  • Load Rild_tec_Flexure.obd in BOB :
  • If you wish, change the rotator step angle :
  •  Check that rotator may rotate safely :

  •   it is advised to keep light on in EMMI room and switch camera video watching to EMMI.
  • Check that
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