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Setup Preparation

To perform the EMMI setup, the graphic user interface for EMMI configuration is essential.

- Select the EMMI Config option in mouse menu INS
- or type the following command on any wemmi window:....wemmi> emouifConfig &

If and only if a new run is starting, run template EMMI_tec_Reset to declare all RILD slits and grism as unaligned as it is risky to consider that alignments remain valid between runs.

At that point, compare the current setup and the one requested by the incoming astronomer.

To perform the physical setup, you will have
- to move the different EMMI functions
- to update EMMI configuration through this interface.

It is best to use a terminal located directly inside the EMMI room. If no terminal is available, do it in the control room and get some help from another team member to avoid going back and forth between instrument and control room.

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