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Daily Procedures

PIPE-LINE management
Olivier Hainaut
Jul.25, 1998
The purpose of these procedures is The procedures should be executed  daily.

1. Automatic procedures:

These procedures should be performed daily on wg5pl. In case of problem, and once in a while (once per month), the manual procedures (second part of this document) should be performed in order to check that everything is behaving properly.

    do not run quality maintenance until it is reestablished after upgrade

1.1 Quality Maintenance:

  1. Start a session as user quality with a rlogin, and set the display:
    1. pipeline@wg5pl:~ [nn]-> rlogin wg5pl -l quality
      password: data-ctrl
      quality@wg5pl:~ [nn]-> setenv DISPLAY wg5pl:0.0
  2. Start the maintenance procedure:
    1. quality@wg5pl:~ [nn]-> qualityMaintenance
    The program will list you all the directories that already contain some processed data, and all the directories that contain raw data. Tell the program which directory you want to work on:
      The following product directories already exist:
      1998-06-28   1998-06-30  1998-07-02
      1998-06-29   1998-07-01

      Directories available for qualityMaintenance:
      1998-07-01   1998-07-03
      On which directory should I work?

    If the procedure is ran everyday, there should be only one directory missing from the first list.
  3. The program will start an xterm running the RBS (named qm_RBSauto), which will in turn start another xterm (inmidas) running the DRS (that is Midas). In the qualityMaintenance window, the Data Organizer will scan the data directory, and possibly send some Reduction Blocks to the RBS, which should process them in the Midas window. This process may take a while, depending on how much data is present in the data directory.
  4. When the whole directory has been scanned, the Data Organizer exits, and you get the following message:
    1. ...done.
      Wait till the qm_RBSauto and inmidas widows are done too,
      then press [Enter]
    You have to wait for all the reduction blocks to be processed (it can take a while); when both the windows look quiet, press Enter; you get then:
      To terminate, pls type in the RBS window:
    Type the two commands, which must kill the two new windows. This completes the procedure for that data directory.
  5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 for the other data directories, as needed.
  6. Exit from the quality window.

1.2 Pipeline Maintenance:

 As user pipeline, with the following actions : This will move and delete many file. The pipelineMaintenance procedure will (possibly) produce many warning ("no such file", etc) that you can ignore.  It terminates with
Please check the log file
  more ~/pm.log
The log is quite long; check for error messages. Most of them will be between:
mv : no match.
In this example, the procedure did not find anything to move; you can ignore.
If you suspect there was something wrong, pls mail the log file to nttt:
mailx -s "problem with pipelineMaintenance" nttt@eso.org < pm.log

2. Manual procedures:

These step-by-step procedures are supposed to perform the same tasks as the automatic procedures. They should be performed once in a while (monthly) in order to check that the automatic procedures are working properly, or when the automatic procedures fail.

If you encounter a problem, or if you suspect that the automatic procedures are not working properly, pls report it!

2.1 Quality Maintenance:


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