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Below follow some reports on technical tests performed at the 1.52m telescope. These reports are typically based on laboratory measurements, daytime measurements at the telescope as well as on data obtained during test and reserved nights at the telescope and other data provided by observers.

Full CCD Test by the La Silla Optical Detector Team (15 June, 1998)

This `report' is probably of interest only to those of you more technically inclined. The report is actually a series of plots, images and results which are the result of an automatic testing procedure.

Report on the Blue Fringes (1 July, 1997)

This report describes the properties of the fringes appearing with high dispersion gratings (2400, 1200 and 900 gr/mm) at bluer wavelengths than usual interference fringes.

Upgrade of the 1.52m focus control unit (22 August, 1996).

Discusses the upgrade of the focus control unit of the ESO 1.52m telescope. The report is available in two formats.

CCD Upgrade (16 March, 1996)

The CCD #24 has just been replaced by CCD #39 which is a UV-flooded thinned Loral CCD. The main difference with respect to the previous CCD is that the efficiency in the blue has improved by a factor of 5 (five) and in the red by a factor of 2. The resolution for a given combination of slit width and grating has been decreased somewhat, most notably in the blue. A technical report is now available.

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