[ESO Logo] ESO 1.5-m Telescope: Memos and Notes for Observers [ESO152 Telescope]

This page contains memos (postscript format) and notes for observers using the ESO 1.5-m telescope. Note that copies of these memos are available in the control room.

The ESO 1.5-m Virtual Memo Board

[*] General Memos for observers planning to use any of the telescopes under the aegis of the 2p2 Team.
[*] Taking flat fields in the afternoon (Note that lamps on the top ring are no more offered).
[*] Starting B&C and/or FEROS sessions on the instrument WS.
[*] Miscellaneous Notes (dome rotation and tape policy)
[*] Data saving policy
[*] Howto load the tape
[*] Howto reboot the HP1000


[*] The On Line Reduction manual (ps 3.2Mb) gives basic information for quick online reduction
[*] He-Ar lines atlas - valid before October 1st 1998
[*] He-Ar-Fe-Ne lines atlas - valid after October 1st 1998 and before November 15th 1998
[*] He-Ar-Fe-Ne lines atlas NEW - valid after November 15th 1998
[*] High resolution He-Ar-Fe-Ne lines atlas with FEROS
[*] Observing LOG sheet
[*] Set-Up form

Additional Notes

[Info] New Flat Field Screen

A new Flat Field Screen has been mounted at the ESO 1.52m telescope dome to improve the reflectivity in the blu spectral region. Have a look at the ratio between two flat field exposures (grating #23) taken with the new and the old screen.

[Info] New Gratings #33 and #34

Two new gratings are now available at the B&C of the 1.52m ESO telescope. See their characteristics and efficiency (#33 and #34).

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