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B&C and Telescope Operating Manuals

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B&C and Telescope Operating Manuals 

In this page we collect the various user's manuals for the B&C, the ESO152 telescope and a practical cookbook for your observing run.
[*] The Boller and Chivens manual is available in 1 format:

  • Postscript gzipped (273 Kb) bcman.ps.gz
  • The aim of the present manual is to provide the user with detailed informations useful in the preparation of observing proposals and for the operation of the instrument.
    [*] The ESO 1.52m telescope and TCS manual (version 1.03) is available in 2 different formats:
  • Postscript format (4.2 MB) eso152telman.ps
  • Postscript gzipped (950 Kb) eso152telman.ps.gz
  • [*] The Boller and Chivens cookbook (NEW!) is available in Postscript gzipped (1MB) boiler.ps.gz format. The aim of this cookbook is to provide a step by step practical guide to B&C observations and a few details on the 1.52 telescope, in order to operate it case a night assistant is not available. It gathers the minimum required informations from the two previous manuals, in a concise way. 
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