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Welcome to La Silla and the Danish 1.54-m Telescope. The telescope is a Danish national facility, operated by ESO and under control of the 2p2 Telescope Team. The time on this telescope is divided between Danish national time and ESO time. Links to other Danish telescopes throughout the world may be found here.



Telescope Overview

The Danish telescope was built by Grubb-Parsons, and has been in use at La Silla since 1979. The telescope has an off-axis mount and the optics are of a Ritchey-Chretien design. On account of the telescope's mount and the limited space inside the dome, the telescope has significant pointing restrictions. The telescope is at a geographical location of 70°44'7"662W 29°15'14"235S and an altitude of 2340 metres.

An instrument adaptor is mounted below the mirror cell, and below this is the FASU (Filter And Shutter Unit). The adaptor provides facilities for autoguiding while additional filters can be mounted in the converging beam in FASU. The DFOSC is mounted below the FASU and is the only instrument currently in use.

DFOSC Overview

The Danish Faint Object Spectrograph and Camera (DFOSC) is a focal reducer type spectrograph/camera similar in concept and in layout to ESO's EFOSC1 and EFOSC2. DFOSC consists of a collimator and a camera, between which are placed a filter and grism wheel. An aperture wheel is situated at the telescope focus. All wheels have 8 positions. The instrument offers the possibility to change between direct imaging and spectroscopy in less than a minute. The spectroscopic mode offers resolutions from about 1-20A for a 1" slit.

As with other focal reducer type instruments, DFOSC is affected by sky concentration, and so it is not recommended that DFOSC be used for photometry where high precision is imperative.

Other DFOSC Information:
[*] DFOSC: Optical Characteristics
[*] DFOSC: Available Grisms and Slits
[*] DFOSC and FASU:Reserved IQ Filters

Information for Observers

DFOSC/Telescope information for observers:

[*] Memos and Notes
[*] DFOSC and DK1.54-m Users' Manual
[*] DFOSC Exposure Time Estimator
[*] DFOSC CCD Page
[*] The Danish Environmental Monitor page
[*] DFOSC Safety Zone Map (.ps [49kb] or .ps.gz [12kb] formats)
[*] DFOSC and FASU Set-Up Form (.ps [484kb] or .ps.gz [122kb] formats) or use the Setup Web-Tool.
Please note: Since Oct-2001 the "Red Box" has mysteriously disappeared, therefore please place the setup form in the mail box outside the '2p2 Team Coordinator' office which is located at the end of the corridor on the second floor of the 'Offices & Library' building.
[*] DFOSC Observing Log Sheet Form, available in 2 styles:
[*] normal spacing (.ps [10kb] or .ps.gz [2kb] formats)
[*] double spacing (.ps [8kb] or .ps.gz [2kb] formats)
[*] aternative format (.ps 18[kb] or .ps.gz [5kb] formats)
[*] DFOSC Grisms: He and Ne Atlases
[*] Danish Time schedules: Period-69 (ps.gz), Period-70 (ps.gz).
[*] DFOSCQSO Monitoring
[*] DFOSC Piggyback Survey
[*] Web tool for calculating corrected differential guiding cross motion rates
[*] Web tool for calculating parallatic angle, and appropriate DFOSC rotator angle.
[*] DK1.54-m and DFOSC: Technical Reports
[*] A script to load tapes written using `wfits' or DAISY

General information for observers:

[*] A list of Empty Fields useful for sky flats
[*] A list of spectrophotometric standards with finding charts
[*] La Silla night sky brightness
[*] La Silla atmospheric extinction coefficients
[*] The ESO Sky Calendar Tool
[*] The ESO Online Digitized Sky Survey
[*] Object Seasonal Observability

DK1.54-m and DFOSC: Technical Information

The below pages concern the telescope and instrument operation, and are mainly of interest to 2p2 Team members.

[*] The DK 1.54-m utility program archive.
[*] DFOSC Set-Up procedures
[*] Support Astronomer checklist (.ps or .ps.gz formats)
[*] Document Archive
[*] Draft Technical Reports
[*] The Danish Desiderata List (.ps or .ps.gz formats)
[*] Recently Completed Work (.ps or .ps.gz formats)
[*] The Instrumentcenter for Jordbaseret Astronomisk Forskning
[*] Danish 1.54 m: Telescope: Successful DFOSC Service Mission (Nov 2001)

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