Maintenance of automatic VA arrivals calendar

All maintenance has to be done as:

After login, go to directory:


Where you find the script

The script generates automatic parameters to call

a python s/w created by C. Melo, which can generate different kinds of calendar. The s/w is run twice: first it generates a calendar with arrivals departures, and then a calendar with the first night of each run. The two calendars are then moved to:




From that location they are available to be imported directly to any iCAL-compatible application, such as thunderbird/lightning. The direct links are the following:



The script is run every hour by a cron job; if you type

crontab -l

you will see, among others:

00 * * * * /home/lssciops/bin/va_calendar/

If you do not see this line, then the crontab has been altered. To restore it, type

crontab -e

which calles emacs -nw as editor. Just add the above line and exit. The new crontable is active.

Note that the python version that is installed in epu is quite old and misses the datetime library. So I downloaded and compiled the newest version of pyton, which is sitting in /home/lssciops/bin/va_calendar/Python-2.7.1. This directory must not be deleted, because it contains the executable that is called by Also the directory icalendar must not be deleted; it contains the datetime module which is not part of a standard distribution of python.

--- Ivo


Post Scriptum: by popular demand the calendars are also made available from a location that is visibile outside the ESO network:



i.e. same as above without the "team_only" part.