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Actualizing the SOFI WWW page "Instrument evolution"

The SOFI WWW page "Instrument evolution" contains information on the last values of Gain, Read-Out Noise, Linearity, Collimator focus etc.  which were obtained as part of the Calibration Plan. The plots of Gain and Read-Out Noise evolution since 1998 are also available.  The corresponding database on  meli is actualized every month to provide the most recent characteristics of the instrument on the Web. This can be done in a very simple way : one command on wsofi to transfer the suitable files from wsofi to meli, and, after a telnet to meli, another command to update the SOFI WWW page. Here is described the procedure to follow :

- On wsofi (at any path), type SOFI_to_www melipswd: this script transfers automatically the files SOFI_det_tec_Gain.SPC, SOFI_det_tec_Ron.SPC and SOFI_tec_cal_InstrumentFocus.SPC of the directory /vltdata/SPC to meli, in the directory /home/nttweb/NEWNTT/sofi/setup.
- Telnet to meli (login nttweb) and type update_SOFI in the directory ~/NEWNTT/sofi/setup : this will generate new plots according to the new values you have transfered, and will actualize the Web page on SOFI instrument evolution.

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