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 Wollaston Alignment
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  SOFI team
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  17/12/99 : update 
  17/12/99 : creation

The Wollaston Alignment is checked twice a year. This is done with the template SOFI_img_tec_AllignWollastonSequence.obd. The results are stored in the file /vltdata/SPC/SOFI_tec_cal_Woll.SPC on wsofi, the last MIDAS images are saved in /home2/sofi/midwork always on wsofi.

To check the Wollaston Alignment:

  • Make sure MIDAS for PCO is running on wsofi.
  • Load the template SOFI_img_tec_AllignWollastonSequence.obd from /data/SOFI/SYSTEM/COMMON/OBD/CALIB into Bob and run it. You will be asked to put in the SOFI calibration unit.
  • Switch ON the halogen lamp. Couples of point-like images vertically aligned will appear on the detector. Adjust the lamp to have a pick level between 1000 and 5000 ADU in the pinhole images.
  • As the template proceed you will be asked to click with the mouse on the upper and lower image of one of the couple of images visible.
  • The result of the linear regression will be displayed in the bottom part of the BOB window. It takes about 10 minutes to run the template with the default values. The constant gives the alignement value.
  • The configuration file of SOFI must be updated with the new constant value.
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