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 Measure of the Read-out-Noise
Author :
  SOFI team
Release :
  12/09/99 : update 
  06/01/99 : creation

The Read-out-Noise (RON) of the SOFI's detector is measured twice a month. This is done with the template SOFI_det_tec_Ron.obd. The results are stored in the file /vltdata/SPC/SOFI_det_tec_Ron.SPC on wsofi, the last MIDAS images are saved in /home2/sofi/midwork always on wsofi.

  • Make sure MIDAS for PCO is running on wsofi.
  • Load the template SOFI_det_tec_Ron.obd from /data/SOFI/SYSTEM/COMMON/OBD/CALIB into Bob and run it. The values of the RON in the four quadrants of the array will be displayed in the bottom part of the BOB window. It takes only few minutes to run the template with the default values.
  • Run the template twice each time.
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