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 Retrieving bad pixels.
Author :
  SOFI team
Release :
 14/01/01 : creation M. Billeres
 17/01/04: updated M. Billeres

The realization of a bad pixels mask in SOFI is done anually since september 1999. There are two types of observations to do : flats and darks.


Check the setup of SOFI :

Typically, the DIT is 2.0 and the NDIT is 5. Choose a name for the flat exposure in the expo_name field of the OS panel. Verify that the count number is around 4000 ADU.Take 30 flats.


Put the instrument in DARK mode and change the name of the exposure.Take the same number of darks than flats.

The data are stored @wsofi $INS_ROOT/SYSTEM/DETDATA.They can be reduced using bad_pix.cl  script in IRAF.

The different steps are :

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