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Slit wheel Failure

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Wheel Failure

The most common problem with SOFI is the failure of one of the wheels. This can occur in different ways:

1) a template aborts during the set-up phase with a message pointing to the movement of one of the wheels

2) the wheel stops at wrong position

3) the initialization or start-up fail

In all these cases the first thing to do is to re-initialize the function. This is done from the motor control panel, to open it click on the top botton of the wheel display. In the motor control pannel click on HW INIT to initialize the function. It can be that the function does not initialize. If this is the case check if the wheel moves. If the wheel moves but does not initialize follow the FallBackInit procedure.

If the wheel initialize but goes to a wrong positions the set-up procedure might be necessary, however this should be done with time during the day, a fast alternative during the night is the FallBackInit procedure.


A few advanced hints can be found here.


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