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RTD Overlays

For spectroscopic observations, objects are acquired by moving them into an overlay drawn on the RTD. The parameters of the drawing are defined in the file /data/SOFI/SYSTEM/MISC/OS/isosConfig.cfg.

For the 1" slit the file looks like

OCS.CON.RTD.SM-ID2 "long_slit_1"; #
OCS.CON.RTD.DRW-DESC2 "SLIT 529 504.0 0 990 3.5 -width 4 -fill magenta";

The most important parameter is the location of the y slit center. In the example above, this is 504.0. The slit center can be dtermined by running the template SOFI_spec_tec_AlignSlit. The slit center is written in the file /vltdata/SPC/SOFI_spec_tec_AlignSlit.SPC.

Checking the Alignment

  • From wa5tcs, set the absolute rotator angle to zero. This can be done by presetting to Zenith, if the telescope state is ONLINE, or by sending the commad PRESET abs,0,200 to the process rotServer on lt5ra, if the telescope is state is STANDBY. In the latter case, the state of the TCS module nttrot A needs to be ONLINE.
  • Make sure MIDAS for PCO is running on wsofi.
  • Load the template SOFI_spec_tec_AlignSlit into Bob and execute.

    Editing the Configuration File

  • Bring up an x-terminal, change directory to /data/SOFI/SYSTEM/MISC/OS and make a backup copy of the file isosConfig.cfg.
  • From the tools menu of the OS panel, select OS config.
  • Make the appropriate changes.
  • From the ismsStart panel, restart OS. This can be done by selecting OS in the new start panel and pressing START.

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