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Maintaining the SOFI Instrument Package

The SOFI IP contains SOFI TSF files and the SOFI instrument summary file (ISF). Only those templates which astronomers use should be in the IP.

Updating SOFI TSFs and the SOFI ISF.

  • Log into wg5dhs as instmgr.
  • Change directory instruments.
  • Remove the the file SOFI.isf and the contents of the directory SOFI.
  • Copy the TSF files from ~sofimgr/CURRENTLY_MOD/sotpl/tsf on wlsops2 where they have been updated/modified - this is now done with the script sotplMakeIp in sotpl/src
  • Remove from the SOFI directory any TSF files that are not of direct interest to visiting astronomers.
  • Copy across ~sofimgr/CURRENTLY_MOD/sotpl/isf/SOFI.isf.
  • As instmgr, start p2pp. This will create an index file.
  • Creation, installation and distribution of the SOFI IP is described here.


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