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  1. For the image analysis (IA) a star with $m<10$ should be used.
    1. use AG stella to select the star
    2. GP1 A/B Center field (TCS panel)
    3. In "NTT Pointing and Centering" panel:
      AG Ref Light (IA)
      Pick Object
  2. In AO workspace:
    • Maximum counts in AO panel has to be > 10000
    • integration = 10sec if star has m=10
    • psg actconControl
      • is it running?
        • NO: msgSend ``''actconControl EXIT''''
  3. apply AO or not?
    $\lozenge$ none
    $\lozenge$ M2
    $\lozenge$ M1 and M2 [ only if excellent, $d80\ll1$ ]
    + $\lozenge$ differential
  4. STORE
    (only for absolute! If bad seeing or airmass)
  5. but
    (normal operation)
  6. then look at counts, if low (<10000) ->
    , then change exptime->
  7. Error message must be
    at the center of the screen
  8. Look at M1 forces updating
  9. if def. bad ( > 0.0x), and/or fitting residual > 0.1, then ->
  10. if altitude changes by $\pm20^{\circ}$ then repeat IA
  11. $\Delta f=(T_{i}-T_{f})\times0.08$

Auto Guiding

  1. Workspace is Adapter/Lamps
  2. After finishing the IA, one goes back to the guide star, so the following must be seen in the panel
    • RU turret must be
      fully open
    • Dichroic must be
      dichroic out
  3. pick object -> box to star (or star to box)