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LaSilla Technical Time Schedule - P80


2007-09-05 msterzik: first release P80
2007-11-01 msterzik: add SW tasks for NTT/EFOSC
2007-12-25 oschuetz: w2p2tcs Linux tests (Jan 08)
2008-01-29 isaviane: VLTSW 2.2m, WFI pipeline 15-16 Feb 2008 
2008-03-11 isaviane: 
2.2m upgrade master plan from Ismo

Technical Time Schedule

Below is the actual technical schedule for the current period.
This schedule is highly dynamical and will change frequently.

Latest version of the official LaSillaParanalObservatory schedule

To book a slot, please send your technical time requests to
All requests will be considered if they can be accommodated within the available time and the priorities.
Priorities are set according to actual operational needs and the original technical time requests as submitted before the beginning of the period. 


Night Responsible Activity Comment
01OCT aederoclite period changeover
20-21OCT ikastinen
VLTSW prerelease tests
technical time
22-23NOV ika pctcs and EFOSC@NTT env daytime
20-21JAN ikastinen VLTSW installation
technical time
22-23JAN sciops
VLTSW commissioning
calibration plan
14-18FEB MEC/ENG LUCKCAM preparation technical time
LUCKCAM removal


technical time


Night Responsible Activity Comment
01OCT lmonaco
period changeover

technical time
26-27NOV SWC
dome load cell supervision
within w3p6tcs environment
day time, technical time
preparation for MPG Speckle run/installation
technical time
preparation for ULTRASPEC
technical time
VLTSW upgrade
technical time
15-24FEB sciops VLTSW verification: EFOSC, HARPS, TCS reserved, service, calibration plan


Night Responsible Activity Comment
17OCT ikastinen/jreveco WFI Linux installation. TCS Linux test
night operations possible
w2p2tcs Linux tests
technical time
15-16FEB TCS - IKA, WFI - JRE Installation/commissioning of TCS Linux (with JAN2006). Testing WFI Linux (JAN2006).
Time needed: TCS installation 2 hours day time, WFI Installation all day.
At night at least half night should be reserved to TCS commissioning.
All the templates interacting with TCS should be tested.
Second part of the night to test WFI pipeline (B.Conn+S.Castro)
technical time. part of the night might be used for science
25MARIKA, ASE, JREVLTSW upgradeInstallation of w2p2tcs (Linux + VLT2008) - IKA
Installation of wferos (Linux + VLT2008) -  ASE
Installation of w2p2ins (Linux + JAN2006) - JRE         
No upgrade to VLT2008 for w2p2ins (WFI) shall be done, as we need to commission the Linux workstation first with JAN2006 VLTSW release. If this is successful we will request technical time for w2p2ins VLT2008 upgrade during next period (P81).
25-27MAR oschuetz
VLTSW upgrade commissioning I would recommend that you start with w2p2tcs+w2p2ins commissioning. I expect more problems with w2p2ins as it is never tested on sky with Linux version, and this way you will give valuable feedback to JRE as soon as possible to solve possible problems. / Commissioning involves both VLTSW software and SciOps software. / FIERAs shall stay as it is (JAN2006). / No changes at DHA workstations from our side.



Night Responsible Activity Comment

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