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SciOp Mailing Lists and Email Accounts

Email Accounts

Mailing Lists of Instrument Operation Teams

These lists correspond to the Instrument Operation Teams, their email format is ls-<instrument>
Core members are the respective instrument scientists, instrument engineer and instrument friends, supplemented by operation engineers, and other operationally relevant persons.
Query the actual members by sending an email to majordomo @ (who ls-<instrument>, see below)

Internal Mailing Lists

These lists include all the people doing the same type of job in SciOp. They are for meant ESO internal use (ie there should not be mails from outsiders). All of
Finally, this list is the union of the 3 previous ones:

Non-SciOp mailing lists

The following mailing lists are available for team/sections outside of SciOp. They are not maintained by SciOp. All these are also

Mailing List Instructions

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