Introduce the people

  • The day TIO: name, beeper, and duties: set-ups, calibrations, and back-ups
  • The night TIO: name, beeper, and duties: observations, in charge of security of telescope and instrument.

    Introduce the telescope and instrument

  • Tour the relevant places showing the telescope and instrument.
  • Tour the RITZ, make sure the observer can make his/hers way to it.

    Introduce the web

  • Instrument in a nutshell.
  • Manual
  • Templates reference
  • Calibration plan
  • The set-up form
  • The back-up request form
  • Show observing planning tools
  • Show where to find observing log sheets
  • Reports: night report (done by TIO but with input from VA) and EOM report.

    Crash course in the use of p2pp

  • Show the drls and the off machine
  • Help to download OBs if necessary
  • Calibration OB creation
  • Science OB creation
  • Checking into database if needed
  • What not to do: long OBs, complicated OBs, etc.

    Offline reduction machines

  • Clean the astro account previous to the introduction
  • Show the directory structure, where the images arrive, and where they can be reduced.
  • Show the relevant quick look tools and/or pipelines.
  • Show the facilities available: IRAF, MIDAS, IDL, DS9, XEPHEM
  • Personal backup of reduced data

    Weather constraints

  • Show the meteomonitor page and the closing down policy page
  • Suppot the TIO as the person who takes the decision to close