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SofI Pipeline Supervision

Keywords: NTT - SofI - Pipeline supervision
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This page contains information how to start/stop the SofI pipeline. Normally, the pipeline is maintained by the data handling administrator who monitors if the pipeline works normally.
However, the support astronomer and the telescope operator should be able to execute basic operators such as starting and stopping the pipeline in case of failure and emergencies, i.e. in the middle of the night. This page is meant to help them in this task.


0. General

The pipeline runs continuously. The data are transfered to and from the pipeline machine automatically by permanently running dataSubscribers (not to be confused with the dataSubscriber running on the wg5off). The reduced data are located in astro@wg5off:/data/reduced/yyyy-mm-dd
For more information see the SofI pipeline page.

1. Starting the SofI pipeline and checking if it is working

The pipeline machine is located behind the NTT console, its monitor, keyboard and mouse are on the high shelve above the wg5off machine. The userid is pipeline, the password is the usual.

2. Stopping the SofI pipeline

3. Updating the calibration database






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