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La Silla NightLog (LSNL) Tool

Version: 1.0 2006-03-03 jscharwa

Preliminary remarks

The La Silla Nightlog Tool (LSNL, version 2.0) is now in routine operation at all three telescopes (NTT, 2p2, 3p6). It is very similar to the previously used NightLog Tool 1.0 in operation at the 2p2 telescope, with some additional functionality. The La Silla NightLog Tool 2.0 is a clone/adaptation of the Paranal NightLog Tool (PANL 2.0). A guideline of the operation basics is presented in the following. The guideline is basically taken from the PANL 2.0 description on the Paranal Sciops web pages and adapted to La Silla operation details. A full description of the PANL 2.0 can be found in the PANL 2.0 manual.


How to start the LSNL 2.0

The client must be started and running on machine wlsops2. The login account is different for the three telescopes (ls-ntt, ls-360, ls-220). All have the same (usual) password.

The client can be opened from any UNIX xterm on the astronomers/users side. On the TIOs operation PC for each telescope we have set up a X command (abbreviation "NightLog") that automatically opens the client for the TIO. Clients can run in parallel.

Operation essentials

During the day:

During the night:

End of the night:

Tips and Tricks:

Action request forms

The card "Action Request" (in red) is used to issue LS PRS tickets and LS dataflow (backup) requests (NTT, 3p6, 2p2) and to send requests to USG or QC and to the Dataflow group in Garching (2p2 only!). Please use only this way to submit problem reports related to day or night operations!

Each of the following forms contains invisible fields which are preset to values specific for submissions from the LSNL tool at the telescope:

La Silla PRS
(Problem Reporting System)

(User Support Group Problem Reporting System/Quality Control)

La Silla Dataflow

(Dataflow System Problem Reporting System)

LSNL known bugs (Version 2.0)

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