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La Silla Observatory Projects

Version: 1.0 2007-12-17 A.Ederoclite


The La Silla astronomers are encouraged to maximize the synergy between their functional work at the observatory with astronomical research. This means trying to take advantage of by-products of the science which is done with the La Silla instruments.

This web-page is created and maintained to monitor the ongoing projects (i.e. who is doing what), to stimulate collaborations and repository of all the work and publications emerged from these projects.

Collaboration between astros and TIOs is encouraged.

For each project, a small web-page is created mentioning the P.I., the people involved, a small rationale, the current status and the results obtained (and/or the papers published) so far.

Ongoing projects

  • G. Lo Curto -- H2O absorption lines in high-resolution spectra
  • A. Ederoclite -- Sky brightness over La Silla

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