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2010+ WG documents

This page links and collects material discussed and elaborated in the meetings of the working group LaSilla 2010+.
Members of the working group are:
apizarro, bahumada, ebarrios, ematamoros, gihle (co-chair), ikastinen, jcpineda, jduk, jmiranda, mpavez, psinclair,  msterzik (chair)
Since 1MAR08 ebarrios is replaced by agonzalez and isaviane.

Note: Do not distribute material provided here.
9th meeting: 23 September 08, LaSilla Hotel, 14:30-17:30
presence: psi, bah, ema, gih, ago, jcp, jdu, isa(vitacura), mst
8th meeting: 25 March 08, LaSilla Hotel, 14:30-16:00
presence: ago, bah, ema, gih, ika, isa, jcp, jdu, mpa, mst
  • La Silla 2010+ Site Operation Concept, incl. 2.2m operation and external services (pdf document draft vers. 0.9, 25/Mar/08)
  • comments by psi (txt)
  • Action: preparation of the LaSilla 2010 Site Operation Plan, deadline 8/08 (agonzalez, psinclair, isaviane, gihle)
  • Action: preparation of the LaSilla 2010 Site Infrastructure Plan, deadline 8/08 (gihle, jduk, bahumada)
7th meeting: 23 October 07, LaSilla Hotel, 9:00-13:15
presence: bah (late), ema, gih (Vitacura), jdu, mpa, mst, psi
  • La Silla 2010+ Site Operation Concept by mst (pdf document draft vers. 0.2, 23/Oct/07)
  • Activity breakdown for electronic preventive maintenance by psi (pdf)
  • Action: legal requirement for an saftey engineer on site (mst to Andres Pizarro)
  • Action: review and comment the document (all, feedback to mst)
6th meeting: 27 September 07, LaSilla Hotel, 9:00-13:15
presence: bah, eba, ema, gih, ika, jcp, jdu, mpa (Vitacura), mst, psi
  • Scope: Synthesis of FTE and profile requirements
  • Cost breakdown review
  • Engineering corrective maintenance activities compiled by gih (pdf)
  • Telescope problems and downtime. LPRS compilation by eba (txt)
  • Action: update and critical revision of electronic preventive maintenance (psi), infrastructure corrective maintenance (bah), logistics assistant services (jdu)
  • Action: summarize the operations requirements based on the material received and reviewed (mst)
5th meeting: 11 September 07, LaSilla Hotel, 9:00-12:00

presence: bah, eba, ema, gih (PO), jdu, jmi, mpa, mst, psi

  • Scope: Synthesis of FTE requirements started, but engineering and corrective maintenance tasks missing.
  • Night operation model (ema, jmi: why two tios.doc)
  • Mechanical activities by jcp (doc)
  • Cost estimate external transport service by jdu (xls)
  • Cost paramedics by fruseler (txt)
  • Cost operations and spare parts by gih (pdf)
  • Cost building and road maintenance by fluco (xls)
  • Activity breakdown SW and IT consolidated by ika/mpa (xls)
  • Action: breakdown and analysis of corrective maintenace tasks from engineering (psi)
4th meeting: 28 August 07, LaSilla Hotel, 9:00-12:30

presence: bah, eba, ema, jcp, jdu, laguila, mst, psi 

  • Costs breakdowns:
    • Maintenance: water, cooling and elevators  by bah (xls)
    • Board, lodging and cleaning (service provided) by jdu (xls)
    • Electricity presenation by laguila (xls)
    • Communication by mpa (xls)
  • Activity breakdowns:
    • Day-to-Day operations activities consolidated by eba (xls)
    • Software activity breakdown provided by ika (txt and xls)
  • Action: activity breakdown electronics/instrumentation/optic pending (psi)
  • Action: consolidated mechanics and maintenance activities pending (bah and jcp)
  • Action: cost estimate transport (service provided) (jdu)
  • Action: cost paramedics (mst with  fruseler)
  • Action: cost consumables, spare parts,  office, and road and building maintenace (gih, bah with fluco)
3rd meeting: 14 August 07, LaSilla Hotel, 9:00-11:00

presence: bah, ema, gih, jdu, mpa, psi; eba and mst (Vitacura).

  • LS2010+ plan to become active with P84 (Oct 2009) (requirement added by akaufer)
  • Report on LaCampanas visit: (psi, summary email from eba and jdu)
  • Paramedics legal requirement (personal de primeros auxilios, doc from gih)
  • Detailed activity breakdown provided: Operations, Maintenance and Logistics (status quo, to be adapted for 2010+)
  • Action: detailed breakdown of fixed operations, infrastructure and maintenance costs (jdu, bah, gih, mpa with help of fluco, laguila, fruseler)
  • Action: explore logisitics alternatives for food/lodging/cleaning (inhouse vers. outsource) (jdu)
2nd meeting: 31 July 07, LaSilla Hotel, 9:00-13:00

presence: bah, eba, gih, jcp, jdu, jmi, mpa, psi, mst. 

  • Input/thought/ideas provided by bah, eba, ema, jdu, jmi, jcp (doc and xls). 
  • Timescale update: draft may be delivered to the MM within three months.
  • Identification of a 1st level activity matrix: telescope instrument area operations, site wide operations, assumptions
  • Action: detailed breakdown of activity matrix, to be provided as excel tables (jmi, eba, bah, jdu, gih, psi)
  • Action: clarify open issues: food/lodging/cleaning (jdu); transport (staff, visitors?: jdu); paramedics requirement (gih + Vitacura) 
  • Action: external views: Las Campanas (psi), APEX (mst)
Kickoff meeting: 3 July 07, LaSilla Hotel, 14:00-15:00

presence: bah, eba, ema, gih, jcp, jdu, jmi, mpa, psi, mst. akaufer via video.

  • Presentation of the LS2010+ framework document (by akaufer)
  • Scope of the WG: provide a LaSilla site Operations Plan down to the level of job/task descriptions for 2010+
  • Timescale: 1st draft to be delivered to the MM by the end of the year.  
  • Action: Each member of the WG is asked to provide for the next meeting this own view on "How can this process of re-engineering LaSilla be structurized and organized?"