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Version: 1.93 2011-08-10 jgreiner: minor updates on car number, Obs-ID
Version: 1.92 2010-10-09 jgreiner: new page describing daily TIO actions for GROND
Version: 1.91 2010-10-01 jgreiner: new page for GROND Instrument Startup; P83-rules deleted; link to SurvivalGuide
Version: 1.9 2010-06-19 jgreiner: link to RMM-log corrected
Version: 1.8 2009-07-20 jgreiner: new Spares.pdf & GRB_Rules.pdf; Text streamlined
Version: 1.7 2008-06-26 jgreiner: added domeflats to calibration page
Version: 1.6 2008-04-20 jgreiner: link to PASP version of Instrument paper; added observing strategy
Version: 1.5 2008-01-22 jgreiner: add new version of Instrument paper + Spare list
Version: 1.4 2007-11-30 jgreiner: add link to calibration page
Version: 1.3 2007-08-22 jgreiner: add links to GROND Manual and instrument paper
Version: 1.2 2007-08-02 msterzik: updates, status web pages, trial operations extended
Version: 1.1 2007-07-15 msterzik: guidelines for trial operation

Operational guidelines for GROND (update 19. Jun 2010)

The RRM mode of GROND is fully operational during: GROND "ownes" also 15% of the technical time. This time is used in tight coordination between the GROND PI ( and ESO, depending on requirements.

The following operational guidelines apply:

  1. The GROND RRM system state will be operated in cooperation with an ESO staff member (TIO and/or astronomer) and a GROND observer.
  2. GROND, in principle, like any other instrument, can be operated from sunset to sunrise. Saftey requires to terminate GROND observations, and to start the telescope dome closing procedure at latest
  3. The authority to allow or cancel an actual telescope preset requested by the RRM system ("30 sec countdown") is entirely with the 2.2m telescope operator.
  4. After each RRM trigger that causes the telescope to preset ("successful trigger"), the responsibility to operate the instrument is entirely with the GROND observer, until he hands over control of the telescope back to the TIO.
  5. For each trigger, a Remedy ToO ticket is submitted automatically by the GROND system. After the observation of that trigger, it is important to update the corresponding Remedy ticket (LTOO-...), and fill the field "Time Used by trigger".
  6. The time used for GROND observations is accounted for in the NightLog, observing type "visitor". All time losses (weather, technical downtime etc.) are reported as usual. A detailed logging of individual OBs ("nightly activities") is not implemented yet.
  7. GROND observers may use car #102 (in case of doubts check with logistics, J. Duk).



Documents delivered by the GROND team

GROND Survival Guide (1.10.2010)
GROND observing strategy of GRBs and transients (20. Apr. 2008)
Rules for GROND use by other MPI groups (20. Apr. 2008)
Hints for preparing GROND OBs and other operations issues (20. Apr. 2008)
List of GROND Spares (20. Jul. 2009)

GROND Operations Manual v1.1 (22. Aug. 2007)

GROND instrument paper (PASP) (20. Apr. 2008)

M3 mounting procedure (12. Jun 2007)

Critical aspects of operation (12. Jun 2007)

FIERA maintenance (12. Jun 2007)

Pictures (12. Jun 2007)

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