ToO Handling & Procedures

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--- 2006-04-16 msterzik rewrote for LSO --- 2005-06-10 ohainaut released ToO policy --- 


The La Silla Paranal Observatory policies applicable for Target of Opportunity (ToO) observations is the master document setting the rules for ToOs. It also makes reference to VisAs' Director Discretionary Time (DDT) Policies. In case of conflict or confusion, consider the La Silla Paranal one as valid, and report the discrepancy.

The basic ToO workflow is implemented in a REMEDY scheme "Target of Opportunity". A detailed design and implementation plan is available as a separate document.


Shift Leader Tasks

Before the observations

After the observations

Night Astronomer Tasks

Day Astronomer Tasks

Manual Data Transfer

In case the ftp of science and/or calibration data fails, files should be transferred manually in the following way:

Workaround to print the finders

Currently, the Unix Remedy client has a bug that makes it difficult to print the finders. Here is a workaround


The Remedy data-base perform an accurate tracking and bookkeeping of the times spent for a particular program. The times of several triggers for a given program ID are summed up automatically by the system. The shift leader is in charge to verify that a given program has not exceeded its time limited. There is no need to keep and maintain an additional file (like ToO_Pxxx.txt) on kila.

Visitor Compensations

If a visitor has to be compensated for time used for ToO observations,  the relevant information should be reported via a LSO ticket, subject:  'ToO Compensation To Do'. 

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