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CES : Notes for the CES people

Version: 1.8 2006-01-21 T.H.Dall

Notes and Procedures

This page is the starting point for all procedures related to CES. It contains up-to-date information and is always superseeding any hard copies. The dates of the last updates are indicated for all documents. The procedures here are to be followed always and by everybody. Much of the info here will not be in the checklists, but the checklists will point to these pages and remind you about them.


Calibration Plan

Misc. stuff

  • 2005-08-10: Setup notes and tricks.. How-to notes, procedures etc.

  • 2004-02-08: CES Setup Monitoring. This contains the setups prior to the implementation of the automatic database updates.

  • 2004-02-07: Width variation - the micrometers you don't want to touch...

  • 2003-04-19: Polarimetric mode for CES. The possible implementation of polarimetric capabilities for CES has been studied. The conclusion from the STC was that the project is not feasible.

There should always be a hard copy of the latest issue of all documents linked here in the binder called "CES Calibration Plan", located on the "CES Documents" shelf at the RITZ. However, remember to check the web for any updates that may not have been printed. Also, please use the printed copies for your comments, corrections and suggestions and I will add them for the next version.

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