MOS Operations

[e3p6opsXmos panel]

Create Mos Table

  1. wlsmosd machine is locate in office 21 in the NOB
  2. to switch ON the machine following the next procedure: 1- Turn ON the Monitor 2- Turn ON external HD (HARD DISC) 3- Turn ON the computer 4- Wait 5 minutes aprox
  3. Do rlogin on wlsmosd as user mosntt passwd *******
  4. Get the target images via ftp to your directory
  5. Under same directory Type xm to open the xmos panel. More details to MOS Tools check the following pages XMOS TOOLS (Suggested)
  6. Select menu bar Options and set Slit length, Punch Tool and Distortion Correction
  7. Selec menu bar Fits to load EFOSC*.fits images then rotate them by 90deg.
  8. If an Image cuts adjustment is needed use option under menu bar Tools
  9. Use menu bar Slits to select slits either on Cursor or Object or to delete some of them
  10. Move cursor on the midas image display to define slits position with mouse button1(left)
  11. To finish slits position definition press button2 then button3
  12. Select menu bar Masks and select option Show All and if everything is Ok use option SAVE MASK
  13. Select menu bar Fits and use option "Send Mask Files to mos@wefosc" to select the *.mask.
    *.mask files ile will be copied under directory /home/mos/MOS/ while *.msk files will go to /home/mos/MOS/PIXMSK.
  14. The *.msk file name shall have to be writen into INS.MASK.NAME key word of all EFOS_spec_*MOS OBs before execution.
  15. Give to the day TIO:
    • File name tables
    • One xmos hard copy by table
    • The working directory defined by the user on mos3p6@wlsmos to re-download tables in case of problems