MOS Data Collection Procedure

To create distortion tables for all EFOSC2 grisms, please run OB

60.A-9700(D) 100269770 CalPlan_EFOSC2_ArcFF_Mos8_4carlo

From OT, each time a new grism is installed and aligned. Of course you must skip grisms that are not present inside the instrument.

The pipeline will then generate some tables that must be sent to Carlo Izzo in Garching. Look in astro@wg5off:/data/reduced/ with gasgano; the files are those classified GLOBAL_DISTORTION_TABLE.

More Details

The OB will use the following mask file:


and the mask is called Mos#8 in the OB.The mask should NEVER be removed from EFOSC2, unless all slit slots have to be used for some program(s).

If the mask is removed, please store it in the EFOSC2 red cabinet, inside the envelope labelled: MOS mask for Carlo Izzo.

If for some reason the mask is lost, it can be fabricated again using the mask file:


Instructions are at the usual place: Documentation