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EMMI : ESO Multi-Mode Instrument

Publications based on data obtained with EMMI should cite the following reference paper:H. Dekker, B. Delabre, S. D'Odorico, 1986, SPIE 627, 39


[Figure: Schematic Overview of the EMMI instrumentation]
EMMI Optical Layout

EMMI is a multipurpose instrument allowing observations in the visible wavelengths. EMMI supports the following observation modes:

  • Wide-field imaging,
  • Low-resolution multi-object or long-slit grism spectroscopy,
  • Medium-resolution long-slit grating spectroscopy
  • Echelle spectroscopy.
  • 2006 Dec: New efficiencies for grating #7 and updated wavelength atlas.
  • 2006 Aug: New EMMI manual for P78 released.
  • 2006 Jul: Dual port readout mode for slow and normal readout mode.
  • 2006 Apr: New EMMI manual for P77 released.
  • 2005 Jan: Offsets along the slit now are possible for all EMMI long slit spectroscopic mode
  • 2004 Aug 5 : Grating #8 and #13 are now available again: please read this technical report on the second order contamination.
  • 2004 Mar 23: A quicklook tool is now available for EMMI echelle. PyQuick
  • May 2002: the files delivered by the new red CCD are in Multi Extension Fits Format (MEF)
    To read them and re-create a single image, this MIDAS script is available
  • Early May 2002, a new CCD has be installed on EMMI-Red. A special page is dedicated to the commissioning data of the instrument with its new detector.

Please mail to ls-emmi for comments, suggestions and to report errors and inaccurate statements in the web pages and manuals.

Instrument Characteristics

The information given in this section is for quick reference. In case of discrepancy with the EMMI manual, trust the manual, except for the Wavelength Calibration Atlas.

Imaging modes

Spectroscopic Modes

  • EMMI User's Manual (updated 15 Aug. 2006)
  • EMMI Setup Request Form
    Please fill in this web form together with your support astronomer.
  • EMMI/SuSI2 Template Signature File Manual
  • EMMI Instrument Package
    Recent P2PP automatically deal with instrument packages. There is no need to download them manually anymore.

Observing with EMMI
EMMI Results
EMMI Instrument Scientists
  • Ivo Saviane (January 2007)
  • Colin Snodgrass (second IS, from November 2006)
  • Emanuela Pompei (till December 2006)
  • Cedric Foellmi (second IS, till March 2006)
  • Pierre Leisy (till Dec.2001)
  • Stephane Brillant (till March 2001)
  • Jean-Francois Gonzalez (till Oct.1998)
  • Pierre Martin (till Sep.1997)
  • and many others before: Albert Zijlstra, Edmond Giraud, Jorge Melnick, Sandro d'Odorico


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