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EFOSC-2: Photometric Zero Points


The following figure displays the evolution of the count rates and zero points (in electron/s, atmosphere corrected). Significant events have been indicated as labels. This page is generated automatically. The photometric reduction is performed using the Tmag Midas package.

Detector Set-Up: NORMAL read-out,
bin 2x2,
gain=1.15 e-/adu
Counts: 10^4 e-/sec, airmass=0, M=15
Zero Points: adu, airmass=0


Last automatic update: Tue Mar 20 15:50:18 CLT 2007

ls-imaging: updtate procedure in SciOps www: ~/Photometry/efoscZP/README

The archive of photometric solutions is available as an ascii file. These are obtained on the raw frames, i.e. they should be used only on frames flatfielded with a flatfield globally normalized to 1.

Zero Points of other imagers: EMMI, SUSI2, EFOSC2, WFI.

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