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EFOSC2 relocation to the NTT telescope

Starting form Period 81 onward, EFOSC2 will be offered at the Nasmyth B focus at the NTT.

The immediate implication of moving EFOSC2 to the NTT is the change of f/ratio, since the NTT Nasmyth stations work at f/11 while the 3.6m Cassegrain focus works at f/8. The instrument will thus accept a more paraxial light beam, and we can expect a better image quality over the feld. Current simulations show that the scale will be 0."13 px−1. On the sky the CCD area will correspond to 4'.4 × 4'.4.

In spectroscopy, the resolution currently obtained with a 1" slit will be obtained with a ~0.8" slit.

The asymmetric reflection at M3 will introduce instrumental polarization (IP) up to ca. 4% and dependent on the telescope elevation. We plan to characterize and model the IP at the commissioning phase, however potential proposers for polarimetry at EFOSC2 might want to ask for FORS1 as an alternative.

More information will be posted as soon as possible.

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