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CES - Coude Echelle Spectrometer

General Information
[The Very Long Camera mirror and the Main Collimator of the CES]

The CES is ESO's highest resolution spectrograph providing a resolving power of up to 235,000 in the 346 - 1028 nm region.

It is a bench-mounted echelle spectrograph, fed through an optical fiber mounted at the f/8 Cassegrain focus of the 3.60m telescope. Read more...

CES News and Science Highlights
*> Oxygen trends in the Galactic thin and thick disks
*> High Resolution Spectra of Circumstellar Disks
*> Results from the CES Planet Search Program
*> Heavy Metal Stars
*> Differential rotation in psi Cap with profile analysis
  Please mail the La Silla CES team@eso.org for comments, suggestions or to report errors and inaccurate statements in the web pages and manuals.

*> Common Cassegrain Adapter for CES and HARPS (Completed)
*> Automatic monitoring of scattered light (Ongoing)
*> Upgrade of quick-look tool to a pipeline (Ongoing)

Instrument Characteristics
*> Accessible sky area
*> The spectral format
*> The image slicers
*> Total efficiency
*> Instrumental stability
*> CCD modes
*> Instrumental features

Observing Tools
*> CES Setup Form; must be filled before your run!
*> p2pp and the CES observing templates
*> Airmass, standards, visibility, etc.
*> CES pipeline
*> Observing log-sheets
*> Data Backup Request; must be filled before you leave!
*> End of Mission Report; please fill at the end of your run.
*> CES Users Manual (280K PDF) Issue 1.3, May 2005
*> CES Pipeline Manual (604K PDF) Issue 1.1, Nov 2005
*> CES ThAr atlas (BLUE path | RED path)
*> UVES ThAr atlas (for reference).
*> Publications based on data obtained with the CES should quote Enard, D. 1982, SPIE 331, 232

Calibration Plan Database
*> Detector monitoring (left menu; click on CCD#61)
*> Dark current and cosmic ray hit rate
*> Resolving power monitoring (tabular | graphical)
*> Parasitic light monitoring
*> Monitoring of image slicer scattered/diffuse light (tabular | graphical)
*> New: Calibrations to correct for scattered light
*> Efficiency monitoring
*> Stability monitoring
*> New: Examples of calibration frames

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