Astronomical Science with ADONIS

This is a list of Astronomical Science Papers published in (or submitted to) refereed Astronomy journals. If you would like one of your articles to be included in this list then please contact Kate Brooks.  
Solar System
Stellar Astronomy
Circum-and-interstellar Matter
Instrumentation, Calibrations

Solar System:

F. Marchis, J. Berthier, R. Prangé, T. Fusco and C. Le Guyader
submitted to CRAS, January 2001
First ground-based Astrometric Observations of Puck

F. Marchis, R. Prangé, T. Fusco
JGR, in press, 2001
A survey of Io's volcanism by adaptive optics observations in the 3.8 micron thermal band (1996-1999)

R.R. Howell, J.R. Spencer, J.D. Goguen, F. Marchis, R. Prangé, T. Fusco, D. L. Blaney, G. L. Veeder, J. A. Rathbun, G. S. Orton, A. J. Grocholski, J.A. Stansberry
in press JGR, August 2000
Ground-based Observations of Volcanism on Io in 1999

Poulet, François; Sicardy, Bruno; Dumas, Christophe; Jorda, Laurent; Tiphène, Didier
Icarus, Volume 145, Issue Icarus, pp. 147-165
The Crossings of Saturn Ring Plane by the Earth in 1995: Ring Thickness

Marchis, Franck; Prangé, Renée; Christou, Julian
2000I, car, 148, 384
Adaptive Optics Mapping of Io's Volcanism in the Thermal IR (3.8 um)

Poulet F., Sicardy B., Dumas C., Jorda L., Tiphene D.
2000, Icarus., vol. 144, 135
The crossing of Saturn ring plane by the Earth in 1995: Ring thickness

Poulet F., Sicardy B., Nicholson P.D., Karkoschka E., Caldwell J. 2000, Icarus., in press, Saturn's ring-plane crossings of August and November 1995: a model for the new F-ring objects

Marchis, F., D. Hestroffer, A. Cellino, P. Tanga, and V. Zappala
1999, IAUC 7308
Direct-imaging observation of (216) Kleopatra, and evidence of the bifurcated shape of this main-belt asteroid

Marchis, F., Prangé, Christou J.
1999, submitted to Icarus.
Adaptive Optics mapping of Io's volcanism in the thermal IR (3.8\mum)

Marchis, F., Boehnhardt, H., Hainaut, O., Le Mignant, D.
1999, A&A, vol. 349, 3., 985
Adaptive optics observations of the innermost coma of comet C/1995 O1
Are there a "Hale" and a "Bopp" in comet Hale-Bopp?

Combes, M., Vapillon, L., Gendron, E., Coustenis, A., Lai, O., Wittemberg. R., Sirdey, R.,
1997, Icarus, 129:482-497
"Spatially resolved images of Titan by means of adaptive optics".

Marco, O., Encrenaz, T., Gendron, E.,
1997, Planet.Sp.Sc., v. 46, p. 547-553
"First images of a comet with adaptive optics.

Sicardy, B., Poulet, F., Beuzit, J.-L., Prado, P.
1996, IAUC, 6395, 1
Detection of S/1995 S 5

Sicardy, B., Beuzit, J.-L., Poulet, F., Prado, P.
1995, IAUC, 6269, 2
Satellites of Saturn

Saint-Pe, O., Combes, M., Rigaut, F., Tomasko, M., and Fulchignoni, M.,
1993, Icarus 105, 263-270,
"Demonstration of Adaptive Optics for Resolved Imagery of Solar System Objects: Preliminary Results on Pallas and Titan".

Saint-Pe, O., Combes, M., and Rigaut, F.,
1993, Icarus 105, 271-281,
"Ceres Surface Properties by High-Resolution Imaging from Earth".

Stellar Astronomy:

Clénet, Y.; Rouan, D.; Gendron, E.; Montri, J.; Rigaut, F.; Léna, P.; Lacombe, F.
Astronomy and Astrophysics, v.376, p.124-135 (2001)
Adaptive optics L-band observations of the Galactic Center region

Huélamo, N.; Brandner, W.; Brown, A. G. A.; Neuhäuser, R.; Zinnecker, H.
Astronomy and Astrophysics, v.373, 657 (2001)
ADONIS observations of hard X-ray emitting late B-type stars in Lindroos systems

Els, S. G.; Sterzik, M. F.; Marchis, F.; Pantin, E.; Endl, M.; Kürster, M.
Astronomy and Astrophysics, v.370, p.L1-L4 (2001)
A second substellar companion in the Gliese 86 system. A brown dwarf in an extrasolar planetary system

N. Huelamo, W. Brandner, A.G.A. Brown, R. Neuhaeuser, H. Zinnecker
A&A, in press 2001
Adonis observations of X-Ray emitting late B-type stars in Lindroos systems

Hubrig, S., Le Mignant, D., North, P. and Krautter, J.
A&A, in press 2001
Search for low-mass PMS companion around X-ray selected late B stars

S.G. Els, M.F. Sterzik, F. Marchis, E. Pantin, M. Endl, M. Kurster
A&AL, in press, 2001
A second substellar companion in the Gliese 86 system. A brown dwarf in an extrasolar planetary system

Brandner, Wolfgang; Zinnecker, Hans; Alcalá, Juan M.; Allard, France; Covino, Elvira; Frink, Sabine; Köhler, Rainer; Kunkel, Michael; Moneti, Andrea; Schweitzer, Andreas
2000, AJ, 120, 950
Timescales of Disk Evolution and Planet Formation: HST, Adaptive Optics, and ISO Observations of Weak-Line and Post-T Tauri Stars

Augereau, J.C., Lagrange, A.M., Mouillet, D., Papaloizou, J.C.B. and Grorod, P.A.
1999, A&A, 348, 557
On the HR 4796 A circumstellar disk

Tokovinin, A. A., Chalabaev, A., Shatsky, N. I., and Beuzit, J. L.
1999, A&A 346, 481
A Near IR Adaptive Optics Search for Faint Companions to Early-type Multiple Stars

Monnier,  J.D., Tuthill, P.G., Lopez, B., Cruzalebes, P., Danchi,W.C., Haniff, C.A.
1999, ApJ, 512, 351
The Last Gasps of VY Canis Majoris: Aperture Synthesis and Adaptive Optics Imagery

Delfosse, X.; Forveille, T.; Beuzit, J. -L.; Udry, S.; Mayor, M.; Perrier, C.
1999, A&A, 344, 897
New neighbours. I. 13 new companions to nearby M dwarfs

Eisenhauer, F. , Quirrenbach,  A. , Zinnecker, H.  & R. Genzel
1998, ApJ 498:278-292
"Stellar Content of the Galactic Starburst Template NGC 3603 from Adaptive Optics Observations"

Bedding, T.R., Minniti, D., Courbin, F., and Sams, B.,
1997, A&A, 326, 936,
Stellar populations from adaptive optics observations: four test cases

Heydari-Malayeri, M., Raauw, G., Esslinger, O. and Beuzit, J.-L.,
1997, A&A 322, 554-564,
The Puzzling Luminous Blue Variable-like Object HD 5980 in the Small Magellanic Cloud

Heydari-Malayeri, M., Courbin, F., Rauw, G., Esslinger, O., Magain,P.,
1997, Astron., Astrophys., 326:143-154
The LMC transition star R84 and the core of the LH 39 OB association

Mouillet, D., Larwood, J.D., Papaloizou, JCB., Lagrange, A.M.,
1997, MNRAS 292, 896,
"A planet on an inclined orbit, as an explanation of the warp in the beta Pic disc".

Mouillet, D., Lagrange, A.-M., Beuzit, J.-L., and Renaud, N.,
1997,A&A 324, 1083-1090,
"A Stellar Coronograph for the COME-ON PLUS Adaptive Optics System II. First Astronomical Results".

Schoeller, M., Brandner, W., Lehmann, T., Weigelt, G., and Zinnecker,H.,
1996, A&A 315, 445-452,
"Simultaneous optical speckle masking and NIR adaptive optics imaging of the 126mas Herbig Ae/Be binary star NX Puppis".

Brandl, B., Sams, B.J., Bertoldi, F., and Eckart, A.,
1996, ApJ 466, 254,
"Adaptive Optics Near-Infrared Imaging of R136 in 30 Doradus: The Stellar Population of a Nearby Starburst".

Brandner, W., Bouvier, J., Grebel, E.K., Tessier, E., De Winter, D., and Beuzit, J.-L.,
1995, A&A 298, 818,
"Low-mass star formation in CG1: a diffraction limited search for pre-main sequence stars next to NXPup".

Heydari-Malayeri, M., and Beuzit, J.-L.,
1994, A&A 287, L17-L20,
"Further decomposition of a 'very massive' star".

Circum-and-interstellar Matter:

Jayawardhana, Ray; Brandeker, Alexis
The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 561, Issue 1, pp. L111-L113
Discovery of Close Companions to the Nearby Young Stars HD 199143 and HD 358623

Brandeker, Alexis; Liseau, René; Artymowicz, Pawel; Jayawardhana, Ray
The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 561, Issue 2, pp. L199-L202
Discovery of a New Companion and Evidence of a Circumprimary Disk: Adaptive Optics Imaging of the Young Multiple System VW Chamaeleon

Geoffray, H; Monin, J-L.
Astronomy and Astrophysics, v.369, p.239-248 (2001)
Circumstellar medium around close southern PMS binaries. New results with the ESO ADONIS + COMIC/SHARP infrared system

Walsh, J. R.; Ageorges, N.
Astronomy and Astrophysics, v.357, p.255-267 (2000)
High resolution near-infrared polarimetry of eta Carinae and the Homunculus Nebula

Pantin, E.; Waelkens, C.; Lagage, P. O.
Astronomy and Astrophysics, v.361, p.L9-L12 (2000)
"ADONIS observations of the HD 100546 circumstellar dust disk"

Vannier, L.; Lemaire, J. L.; Field, D.; Pineau des Forêts, G.; Pijpers, F. P.; Rouan, D.
2001, A&A, 366, 651
"H2 infrared emission and the formation of dense structures in the Orion molecular cloud"

Cruzalebes, Lopez, Bester, Gendron & Sams.
1998, A&A, v.338, p.132-138
"Near-infrared adaptive optics imaging of dust shells around five late-type stars with COME-ON+"

Feldt, M., Stecklum, B., Henning, T., Hayward, T. L., Lehmann, Th.; Klein, R.
1998, A&A , 339, 759
"The ultracompact H ii region G45.45+0.06. A pearl necklace in the sky"

Stecklum, B., Henning, T., Feldt, M., Hayward, T. L., Hoare, M. G.; Hofner, P., Richter, S
1998, AJ, 115, 767.
"The Ultracompact H ii Region G5.97-1.17: An Evaporating Circumstellar Disk in M8"

Brandner, W., Chu, Y., Eisenhauer, F., Grebel, E., Points, S.
1997, ApJL, 489:L153-L156
The Hourglass Nebulae of Sher 25 and SN 1987A: Two of a Kind?

Rouan, D., Field, D., Lemaire, J.-L., Lai, O., Pineau des Forets, G.,Falgarone, E., and Deltorn, J.-M.,
1997, MNRAS 284, 385-400,
"The power of adaptive optics: a close look at a molecular cloud in NGC 2023".

Beuzit, J.-L., Thebault, P., Perrin, G., Rouan, D.,
1994, A&A 291, L1-L4,
"Adaptive optic imaging of the Frosty Leo nebula".

Malbet, F., Rigaut, F., Bertou, C., and Lena, P.,
1993, A&A 271, L9-L12,
"Detection of a 400 AU disk-like structure surrounding the young stellar object of Z CMa"


Hackenberg, W.; Eckart, A.; Davies, R. I.; Rabien, S.; Ott, T.; Kasper, M.; Hippler, S.; Quirrenbach, A.
Astronomy and Astrophysics, v.363, p.41-61 (2000)
"Near-infrared adaptive optics observations of galaxy clusters: Abell 262 at z=0.0157, J1836.3CR at z=0.414, and PKS 0743-006 at z=0.994"

Marco, O; Alloin, D.
1999, A&A, 353, 465,
"Adaptive Optics images at 3.5 and 4.8 microns of the Core Arcsec of NGC 1068:
More evidence for a dusty/molecular torus"

Aretxaga, I., Le Mignant, D., Melnick, J., Terlevich, R. J., Boyle, B.J.
1998, MNRAS, 298, L13
"Adaptive optics observations of LBQS 0108+0028: K-band detection of the host galaxy of a radio-quiet QSO at z~2"

Marco, O., Alloin, D.,
1998, A&A, 336, 823,
"Hot dust in the active nucleus of NGC 7469 probed by adaptive optics observations".

Thatte, N., Quirrenbach, A., Genzel, R., Maiolino, R., Tecza, M.
1997, ApJ, 490, 238
"The Nuclear Stellar Core, the Hot Dust Source, and the Location of the Nucleus of NGC 1068"

Alloin, D., Marco, O.,
1997, Ap&SS 248, 237,
"The Elusive Dust Torus of NGC 1068 Unveiled by Adaptive Optics Observations from 2.2 microns to 4.8 microns",.

Marco, O., Alloin, A., and Beuzit, J.L.,
1997, A&A 320, 399-404,
"Positioning the near-infrared versus optical emission peaks in NGC1068 with adaptive optics".

Intrumentation, Calibrations:

Bratsolis, E.; Sigelle, M.
Astronomy and Astrophysics, v.375, p.1120-1128 (2001)
A spatial regularization method preserving local photometry for Richardson-Lucy restoration

Marco, O.; Ageorges, N.; Sterzik, M.
The Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Volume 113, Issue 781, pp.397-400
Using Adaptive Optics Systems on Large Telescopes: A Study of the Fraction of Observing Time Really Spent for Science

Coudé du Foresto, V.; Faucherre, M.; Hubin, N.; Gitton, P.
Astronomy and Astrophysics Supplement, v.145, p.305-3
Using single-mode fibers to monitor fast Strehl ratio fluctuations. Application to a 3.6 m telescope corrected by adaptive optics

Harder S., Chelli A.
2000, A&AS, 142, 119H
"Estimating the point spread function of the adaptive optics system ADONIS using the wavefront sensor measurements"

Bendinelli O., Bonaccini D., Falsini S., Parmeggiani G.
1999, A&AS, 135, 187B
"A method to analyze adaptive optics images of binary stars"

Ageorges, N ; Walsh, J.R.
1999, A&AS, 138, 163A
"Acquisition and analysis of adaptive optics imaging polarimetry data"

Lacombe, F.; Marco, O.; Geoffray, H.; Beuzit, J. L.; Monin, J. L.; Gigan, P.; Talureau, B.; Feautrier, P.; Petmezakis, P.; Bonaccini, D.
1998, PASP, 110, 1087
"Adaptive Optics Imaging at 1-5 Microns on Large Telescopes: The COMIC Camera for ADONIS"

Esslinger, O. & Edmunds, M. G.,
1998, A&AS 129, 617
"Photometry with adaptive optics: A first guide to expected performance"

Beuzit, J.-L., Mouillet, D., Lagrange, A.-M., and Paufique, J.
1997,A&AS 125, 175
"A stellar coronograph for the COME-ON-PLUS adaptive optics system"

Lagrange, A.-M., Beuzit, J.-L., and Mouillet, D.,
1996, J.Geophys.Res 101, 14831-14836,
"Stellar Coronograph on the Come-On-Plus Adaptive Optics System: Description and Preliminary Results".

Gendron, E., Lena, P.
1995, A&AS, 111, 153
Astronomical adaptive optics. II. Experimental results of an optimized modal control.

Gendron, E., Lena, P.
1994, A&A, 291, 337
Astronomical adaptive optics. 1: Modal control optimization

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