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Lateral Pads Verification

Get the "Engineering" diskette from binder "M1 Control", in the documentation room.

Replace the diskette and restart the PC

Answer the Password prompt with "zidane"

Keep default directory (press Enter)

Answer all "connected?" questions with "Y"

In the first window, press F9 (set pressure on all pads)

Enter 0.2 as pressure value

Go to the second window (press space)

Verify that the measured force for all pads is more o less the same. Ignore the fix points reading.

Go back to firts window (space bar) and repeat the whole procedure with a 0.3 value.

Retore presures to normal. Being in the first window, press F7 (automatic)

Get out from the program (Alt-Q)

Install the normal program and restart it.

In case that some of the pad load cells show a clear deviation from the rest, it is an indication that some component is not working well.


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