360 Lateral Pads Project

User Initial Document User Requirement
First Meeting Electronic Document Hardware Report 1
First Meeting Software Document Software Presentation
Conclusions First Meeting Conclusions Meeting 1
Second Meeting Hardware Report 2
Technical Documentation Technical Documents
Jaime Alonso Report Control Electronics Upgrade for 3p6 Mirror Support
December 6, 2005 Meeting Meeting Presentation
3th Lateral Pads Meeting. Summary. Summary
Change Request Form CRE
Control Electronics Conceptual Design Conceptual Design
Internal Review Presentation
Internal Review Summary Summary
FDR RIX format (Excel) RIX
FDR Specification for M1 (1998) Optics Document 1
FDR Control Electronics Document Electronics 1
FDR Software Document Software 1
LatPad Drawings Drawings
Summary Document Lateral Pads Summary
Electronic Plan (From JAL) Plan
FDR Summary FDR Summary
Blue Print (From JAL Electronic Plan) Personal Duties
Completed Task Completed Task
Main Mirror Status (AGI) Main Mirror Status
Installation & Commissioning Installation & Commissioning
Optic Report Optic Report
Software, User & Maintenance Control Software; User and Maintenance Manual

Chronologic Activities

1. In October 2004, was written the User Requirement first version. Since then it evolve in to the actual version that you can see in this page.
2. First meeting was set in May of 2005 and its conclusion was to use VLT Compatible ESO technologies.
3. A second document that covers only this alternative was prepared.
4. Second meeting was held in August 2005.
5. A meeting was made in December 6 to discuss about the final technology to be use and the costs involve on it..
6. As a result of the mentioned meeting the VME Technology was adopted. A PR was made and the Change Request Form was fill.
7. An Internal Review was made in April 28, in order to prepare the Final Design Review to be made in June 27. This Review will be through RIX.

Technical Team: Project Manager, Agustin Macchino; Optics, Alain Gilliotte; Electronics, Jaime Alonso; Mechanics, Gerardo Ihle; Software, Victor Gonzalez; Instrumentation, Javier Valenzuela; Science, Michael Sterzik/Gaspare Lo Curto; Science Engineer, Emilio Barrios.

Reviewers Team: Chairman, Roberto Tamai; Optics, Stephan Guisard; Electronics, Gerhard Hudepohl; Mechanic, Serge Guniat; Software,
Ismo Kastinen; System Engineer, Pierre Sansgasset

To see the M1 behavior, please go to Science Operation 360 Metrics page.

Survival Guide from 170806

Gaspare Lo Curto Report 260806

Curso FESTO Chile,

Documento 1 (24Mega), Documento 2, Documento 3

A. Macchino, La Silla, November 19, 2006.