3 Montage of the encoder device

3.1 Before the montage of the encoder device, the following measures needs to be checked:

The overall-plan spacing of the fixing flange for uniform contact.

The spacing-measurement of the fixing flange for uniform contact to the wave-fixing flange as well as the central axis offset in order to get the uniform contact.

Overall-plan spacing : 0.02

Head to disk spacing : 0,2 + - 0.07

Inner diameter : 800 + - 0.1

Central axis offset :0.1

Roundness :0.02

The montage-surfaces have to be cleaned before installation.

3.2 montage of the graduated disk with the inner ring.

The graduated disk on the montage-surface is tighten with 4 grips on the center.

In order to perform a better alignment, first center with the 12 tightening screws (S1), then the radial adjustment have to be done with the centering screw (S2).

3.2.1 Measurements of axial stroke of the graduated disk.

Put the sensor of the measurement instrument about 1- 1.5 mm of the outer edge of the disk on


Permissible axial stroke: 0.02 mm.

For the holdings of the glass-surface is recommended, to use an anti-static cloth.

Eventuality the stated tolerances had wrongly adjusted, remove the disk, clean the montage surfaces,

disk reinstalled on the montage-surface and repeat the measurement.

3.2.2 Centering the inner ring. method central union

With a measurement instrument with resolution of 1 [um] or better (e.g. Inductive Meßtaster 1318 in connection with a Meßbrucke Millitron 1202 IC, Fa. Mahr/Feinprüf) center the inner ring 615 + - 1

and handle the disk with help the centering screw S2 from the center, in order that the inner ring gets the centering to the knack axis (round sprint of 0,15). When centering is necessary to pay attention that the disk and consequently the inner ring is not tighten with the centering S2 screw.

As a reference-surface, use the inner ring.

All centering screw S2 easy tighten (Md about 2 Ncm) and fortification-screws of S1 solid tighten (To an angular momentum of about 6 Nm).

Check the centering again. Center circle method.

Instead of the mentioned procedure under the graduated disk could be centered also with help of a Microscope.

The centering of the graduated disk may be accomplished with the aid of a microscope with a enlargement power of 50 to 100 focused on the graduated grid. The graduated ring has a line-strength of 10 [um].

A radial mark of 10 line-strengths when turning to 360° shows consequently a eccentricity of

50 [um].

The eccentricity value is defined under


3.2.3 Cleaning of the glass-parts.

Possibly contamination could appear on the graduated circle plate

(finger-marks, water-stains etc.) they could be removed with alcohol, Trichlor-ethilene or Acetone.

3.3 montage of the uniform contact ring.

The uniform contacts are adjusted at delivery and [abgeglichen].

Before the achievement of the uniform contact the fixing flange is cleaned and tolerances are checked.

3.3.1 Tightening of the leadership-cylinder

In order to avoid any damage of the graduated circle while doing the adjustment of the uniform contact of the disk, a two guides cylinder on the montage-surface have to be [aufschrauben].

3.3.2 Tightening the head unit

To cleaning of the edition-surfaces the head unit is this between the [Fuhrungs][zylindern] in radial direction over the graduated circle at the inner ring 800+ 0.1 mm to push. The head unit is tighten with two screws, of that a screw as [PaBschraube] in a long-hole has led.

While the [Festziehens] of the screws is the head unit easy against the

inner ring 800+ 0.1 mm to press.

Note: Before the [Eindrehen] of the screws is to check, if the [Befestigungs][gewinde] within the [Bohrungsspiels] the head unit (p of 9 mm) to lie comes (observance the position-tolerance of the tightening screw thread).

3.4 montage of the electronic controller (AWE)

3.5 Montage of the net-part