HEIDENHAIN ERO7001 encoder part list

1 Graduated disk and protection cover (The inner fixation ring is provided by the manufacturer)
4 Uniform contacts.
4 Electronic position decoder unit (AWE 1024 700)
8 Connection-cable between head unit and electronic controller (2 per head)
1 Power supply unit (NG 100)
4 Connection-cable (between electronic and power supply)
1 User-handbook
1 Measurement procedure
4 Special-fixture grips

2 description of the encoder device

This encoder consist of an absolute/incremental unit. The absolute encoder part has 128 positions, which are interpolated with the incremental encoder counter for a resolution of 32768 positions.

As a measurement element the HEIDENHAIN DIADUR Graduated circle (2e15= 32768 lines) with a radial-fence and 128 reference-brands (reference-impulse) as well as a code-track of 128 x of 8 [Bit's].

The graduated circle is fixed with 4 uniform contact surfaces located at 90°. Each head illuminates the graduated circle in a trough light process from side to side and modulates the light beam with help of a graduated grid. The brightness variations are transformed by the photo-elements in sinusoidal electric signals.

In the associated electronic controller these signals are interpolated. And a binary output is delivered (4 x 8 bit) with an overall resolution of 2 e 25 step per revolution.

When the four 90° contact surfaces placed in uniform contact, the mean value of the respective exit-signals into the associated calculator, eliminates the 1 f-errors and 2 f-errors (eccentricity and bending).

The reference pulse is removed by the four uniform contact and appraises the four electronic controllers.

Each absolute position (128 absolute marks) is detemined by the head by a reference puls that latches the respective value. The MSB ( bit 7) of this binary code is a parity bit.