General Documents

Obsolete Documents

Document Name
The Wide-Field Imager Handbook 2P2-MAN-ESO-90100-0001
WFI The Templates Reference Manual for P70 2P2-MAN-ESO-90100-0002
Manual for WFI Reduction with MIDAS User Manual 2P2-MAN-ESO-90100-0004
Guide for Serving Observing at the ESO/MPI 2P2 Telescope 2P2-MAN-ESO-90100-0005
OSF2P2 Tool Operation Manual 2P2-MAN-ESO-90100-0007
Moving FEROS from 152 to the MPG/ESO 2P2 2P2-PLA-ESO- 22400-0001
E2P2 Standard Environment 2P2-PRO-ESO-80010-0001
WFI Software Regeneration 2P2-PRO-ESO-80030-0001
2P2 TCS Software Regeneration 2P2-PRO-ESO-80030-0002
Zero Point Monitoring WFI 2P2-PRO-ESO-90100-0001
WFI on the MPG/ESO 2P2 Telescope 2P2-PRO-ESO-90100-0004
FEROS Instrument Software User and Maintenance Manual 2P2-SUM-ESO-80100-0001
FEROSII Commissioning Report


2P2 StartUp Check List 2P2-VER-ESO-90000-0001
High Efficiency Mode Upgrade: User Requirements 3P6-SPE-ESO-13100-0012
EFOSC2 User Manual 3P6-MAN-ESO-90100-0002
HARPS & CES Survival Guide 3P6-MAN-ESO-90100-0003
EFOSC Software Regeneration 3P6-PRO-ESO-80030-0001
CES Software Regeneration 3P6-PRO-ESO-80030-0002
3P6 Telescope f/8 Top End OverhaulUser Requirements 3P6-SPE-ESO-36022-0001
3P6 Autoguiding Monitoring Software User and Maintenance 3P6-SUM-ESO-80100-0006
CES SetUp Reproducability Commissioning Report 3P6-TRE-ESO-90200-0002
EGGS Integration and Commissioning Report 3P6-TRE-ESO-90200-0007
EGGS 2nd Commissioning Report 3P6-TRE-ESO-90200-0008
EGGS System: Re-Commissioning after Repair 3P6-TRE-ESO-90200-0010
EGGS Status Report 3P6-TRE-ESO-90200-0011
360 Environment Telemetry Upgrade 3P6-URS-ESO-90400-0001
ESO 360 M1 Lateral Pads Upgrade User Requirements 3P6-URS-ESO-90400-0002
EFOSCII StatUp Check List 3P6-VER-ESO-90000-0001
TIMMI2 StartUP Check List 3P6-VER-ESO-90000-0002
CES StartUp Check List 3P6-VER-ESO-90000-0004
EFOSCII Installation Check List 3P6-VER-ESO-90000-0005
TIMMI2 Installation Check List 3P6-VER-ESO-90000-0006
HCFA Installation List 3P6-VER-ESO-90000-0007
CES/CFA Installation Check List 3P6-VER-ESO-90000-0008
TIMMI2 Reduced Data BackUp Check List 3P6-VER-ESO-90000-0010
F35 to F8 Check List 3P6-VER-ESO-90000-0013
LN2 Detector Refilling Form 3P6-VER-ESO-90000-0016
HARPS Daily Telemetry Check List 3P6-VER-ESO-90000-0018
360 Open/Close Check List 3P6-VER-ESO-90000-0019
3P6 TCS OSF StartUp 3P6-VER-ESO-90000-0022
Sistema de Gestion de la Calidad LSO/ISO 9001:2000 Primera Auditoria Interna ISO-PLA-ESO-00500-0001
Sistema de Gestion de la Calidad LSO/ISO 9001:2000 Segunda Auditoria Interna ISO-PLA-ESO-00500-0001
Software Group Software Engineer Curricular Mesh ISO-PLA-ESO-80000-0001
Record Control in the Quality Management System ISO-PRO-ESO-00500-0001
Sistema de Gestion de la Calidad LSO/ISO 9001:2000, Procedimiento para Auditorias Internas ISO-PRO-ESO-00500-0002
Informe de la Primera Auditoria Interna, SGC ISO-TRE-ESO-00500-0001
Informe de Revision por la Direccion Nº1, SGC ISO-TRE-ESO-00500-0002
Informe PDCA Primera Auditoria Interna, SGC ISO-TRE-ESO-00500-0003
Informe de la Segunda Auditoria Interna, SGC ISO-TRE-ESO-00500-0004
Informe PDCA Segunda Auditoria Interna, SGC ISO-TRE-ESO-00500-0005

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