La Silla February 23, 2011

This is a Page created to follow the "Remote Control Project for 220 Telescope".


As was made in the 360 telescope, past 2010, our New Operation Building (NOB) need to optimize all the 220 control operation. That means that the TIO,s personnel will not longer need to go to the telescope area in order to made the startup of the telescope. With these measure, the car traffic around the mountain will be decreased.

The project

The following signal must be controlled remotely from NOB in order to be in line with the goal:

1. Hydraulic Pump ON

2. Hydraulic Plant Off

3. Drives ON

3. Drives OFF

Other signals as: Mirrior Open, Mirror Close, Dome Calibration Lamps, and Emergency switch are already implemented.

Some important changes in the TIO's Startup Procedure must be change:

1. Avoid at the end of the night to put off the switch of the Counterweight Amplifier. This switch must be always ON. To do that, all the KEPCO Amplifier must be modified.

2. Avoid to use the hardware reset of VME LCU. The startup scrip must be modified to make the reset from the work station. Only when the communication between the system and the LCU is broken the hardware reset is permited.

The Electronic Control Circuit

The core of the control will be the ADAM ADVANTECH 6060. Please see its datasheet in the pages 45 to 48 of this document.

The circuit modification at console will be as follows in this circuit.

Normally Close contact switches at console will be in series with a NC relay contacts controlled by the ADAM 6060. The Normally open switches will be in parallel with a NO relay contacts controlled by the ADAM 6060.

The circuit will be installed at the 220 Dome TCS Console in a Standar Rack rail. Three units will be installen on it: Power Supply, ADAM 6060 Module and a 8 Relays driver board.

Please send me your contributions, comments or ideas to my email:

Thanks for your collaboration.


First Email Asking for Comments

From: Agustin Macchino []
Sent: Wednesday, 23 February, 2011 19:32
Subject: 220 TCS Remote Control

Dear Colleagues

In order to have a complete picture from the users of the 220 TCS Remote
Control Project, I invite you to collaborate with it by reading the
following page and send me your comments.

Many thanks in advance

Agustin Macchino


March 6, 2011

Comments from Peter Sinclaire.

Dear Agustin,

Thanks for providing the info on the requirements for the 2p2 remote

A few comments:

- The logic of the remote signals from ADAM should be designed such that the
telescope hydraulics and drives can be started from the remote panel as well
as locally, independently (unless this requirement is too hard to achieve).
Perhaps a manual local/remote switch could be added to enable this option.
Therefore, just placing switches in parallel or series with the local ones
would not work.

- Status signals of the local/remote switch, power of hydraulics and Kepco
amps should be available on the remote control panel. I understand that the
6060 has 6 digital inputs that could be used for that.

- It would be good to replace the 10A relays used from the TCS interlock
rack two switch on and off all 4 Kepco power amps. Currently only de two of
the main drives are because of the current range of those relays. This is
not part of the remote control device, just something we found out with JVI
last month.

It would be good to review the design before it is implemented.


March 10, 2011

From: Juan C. Fluxa <>
To: Agustin Macchino <>
Cc: ls-dnos <>; ls-tmes <>
Sent: Thu, Mar 10, 2011 12:47 pm
Subject: Re: 220 TCS Remote Control

Dear Agustin,

My comments:

- I fully agree with Peter's suggestion of blocking the possibility to
change to on-line remotely. That can be done by installing a key/switch
than feeds the Off/On line status to the ADAM module. When the key is
Off line, the remote function is inhibited. The same principle can be
applied to the 3.6m.
- The ADAM 6060 has 6 input relays available to be used to collect status.
- In your draft there is one output relay still free. I suggest to
investigate the possibility to inhibit/turn off the Kepco amplifiers.


La Silla March 12, 2011

Many thanks for you contributions to the Project.

I try to go in line with your comments, but I am not completely sure that I interpret your iudea in the correct way.

What I think is that the Remote Control switch must be located at the 220 Dome Desk Control. The idea is when I have the switch in Manual or Local mode, any kind of control from the NOB can be permit. So, the mentioned switch is a Master switch. As we talk with both of you, its a must because safety reasons.

When the Master Switch is in remote control, the NOB room have the total control of the operations and nobody can do anything from the Telescope side.

With this in mind I design this circuit

As you can see in the precedent link, the Master switch Remote / Manual toggle the VCC and Ground depending of its function Remote or Manual. With this we can enable a function at the same time we are disabling the other.

In Manual Mode the circuit stay excactly the same as before, I mean that there are any electrical modification of the present circuit at 220 telescope. The only diference is that I powered the circuit via the Remote Manual switch.

In Remote mode the Manual circuit will be unpowered, and the power is now in the relay system commanded by the ADAM 6060. The first thing that happen here is a status signal via the relay RS1 send a flag to the NOB that the system have its remote mode active and they can start to control the telescope. At the same time all the remote Relay are powered and ready to be use. All the relay have to work as a pulse mode switch (or pushbutton), so the signal comes make its function and then dissapear, excactly as a pushbutton. All the relays are made a replicant of the Manual circuit.

What still missing in this circuit is to have the status of the Kepco Amplifier and from the Hydraulic Pump. What Iam looking right now is how I can put this signal in the 220 dome console, but we have the lines in the ADAM 6060 to do so.

Another work still pending is an investigation of the possibility to inhibit/turn off the Kepko amplifier.

In relation with the Peter´s suggestion to change the 10Amp relay of the Kepco power control, I am trying to install a Power Contactor to do that, (20 or 30 Amps).

Please be so nice to let me know your comments.


Agustin Macchino


From: Juan C. Fluxa <>
To: Agustin Macchino <>
Cc: ls-dnos <>; ls-tmes <>
Subject: Re: 220 TCS Remote Control
Date: Thu, Mar 24, 2011 11:42 am
Dear Agustin,

The Local/Remote switch should work as follows:
If the switch is in Local, no remote control from NOB is allowed. This
is a safety precaution to avoid a remote operation while someone is
doing something in the dome.
In Remote position, remote control from the NOB is allowed.
At any time, by moving from Remote to Local, the remote control from NOB
must be desable.
I hope this clarifies the idea.

Best regards,


From: Peter Sinclaire <>
To: 'Juan C. Fluxa' <>; 'Agustin Macchino' <>
Cc: ls-dnos <>; ls-tmes <>
Subject: RE: 220 TCS Remote Control
Date: Thu, Mar 24, 2011 1:49 pm
Dear Agustin,

What Juan describes is exactly what I suggested too. So I guess we are all
in line with this.



La Silla, March 28, 2011

OK this is the last circuit, very simple but effective.

Please see the circuit

I wil start with its implementation

Waiting for comments

Agustin Macchino


La Silla May 22, 2011

The final circuit up to now, is this

In the meantime we discover that is necessary to read the real status of the Hydraulic pump and the Servo system. We are working in that.


La Silla June 30, 2011

Andres Gonzalez ask to add the Laminar Air Remote Control of Mirror 1.

Finally the circuit change to this one.

Circuit of the laminar air control


La Silla November 6, 2011

Test on telescope made by AMA and JFL

Final Circuit

Waiting for a Ethernet Port from Andy Team