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NTT Slit

(ESO New Technology Telescope)

The ESO New Technology Telescope (NTT) is a 3.58m telescope with active optics, designed specifically for optimal image quality. The NTT is an alt-az telescope. It resides in a rotating building; the control room and therefore also the observer turns with the telescope!

There are two Nasmyth focus platforms to mount two sets of instruments simultaneously. To switch from one to the other, a 45-degree third flat mirror is rotated by 180 degres. Change-over therefore takes little time.

The telescope chamber is ventilated by a system of flaps which optimize the air flow across the NTT minimizing the dome and mirror seeing. All motors in the telescope environment and hydraulic system are water cooled to prevent heat input to the building. For the same reason, all the electronics boxes located on the telescope are insulated and cooled. The concrete platforms and parking lots around the telescope are painted in a bright white in order to minimize the accumulation of heat during day time.

Here we can present you the NTT related electronic documentation.

The Telescope is under the electronic supervision of the NTT Team. Specific electronic documentation can be get by visiting NTT Team home page

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