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360 Dome Wheels Supervision

This activity is devoted to have a supervisory system of load cells from the 360 Dome wheels.

A little bit of history

At the end of 2006, the 360 dome starting with problems on its rubber wheels. It was not possible to found the correct mixture of the rubber. They can’t support the weight of the dome, so, they destroyed in a very short time. There are 30 wheels supporting 360 Tons. That means 12 Tons each.

The engineering Department in La Silla has no idea how much weight each wheel support. Due to that, a new wheel design was made using a special bogie with 2 little wheels with spring absorption and a load cell each. (A bogie sketch)

The actual activity is made to take advantage of the load cell, and transmit data of all of them to the ESO 360 TCS system. With this data we can made predictive maintenance by a supervisory daily plot.

The 360 is a telescope have 32 year old, and one of the critical mechanical point is his heavy dome.

Team Crew
Project Manager Javier Valenzuela
CRE Initiator Agustin Macchino
Radio Frequency (WIFI) Aldo Pizarro
Mechanic Support Juan Carlos Pineda
Software Johny Reveco

A. Macchino, La Silla, May 2, 2007.