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ESO Press Releases and Photos 1998

[NEW]ESO Press Photo 41/98 (5 November 1998)
First Rotation Period of a Kuiper Belt Object Measured - News from ESO Workshop on Minor Bodies in the Outer Solar System. Access the photo via the caption.

[NEW]ESO Press Release 16/98 (22 October 1998)
New Observations of Comet Hale-Bopp from La Silla - Methanol and Hydrogen Cyanide Detected at Record Distance. With ESO Press Photos 40a-c/98.

[NEW]ESO Press Release 15/98 (15 October 1998)
A Strange Supernova with a Gamma-Ray Burst - Important Observations with La Silla Telescopes. With ESO Press Photos 39a-b/98.

[NEW]The Max Planck Society has published a new Press Release (12 October 1998) about the discovery of the first X-ray emitting brown dwarf that involved observations with ROSAT and telescopes at the ESO La Silla observatory.  

[NEW]ESO Press Photo 31/98 (12 August 1998)
First ESO Image of New Comet 1998 P1. Access the photo via the caption.

[NEW]ESO Press Release 10/98 (4 August 1998)
Guiding the Giant: New ESO Survey Provides Targets for the VLT. With ESO Press Photo 29/98.

[NEW]ESO Press Photos 05a-b/98 (30 January 1998)
The Unusual Tails of Comet Hale-Bopp. Access the photos via the caption.

[NEW]ESO Press Release 03/98 (29 January 1998)
Entering SOFI's Wonderful World: First Light for New Advanced Infrared Instrument at the NTT. With ESO Press Photos 03a-f/98 (SOFI images) and 04/98 (access via the Press Release).

[NEW]ESO Press Release 01/98 (13 January 1998): Deep Sky Diving with the ESO New Technology Telescope. With ESO Press Photos 01a-b/98 of the NTT SUSI Deep Field.  


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