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Quick Template Reference
Quick Template Reference

The following is a very quick guide to the SUSI2 templates. For more detailed information, please refer to the EMMI/SuSI2 Template Signature File Manual.

Template Old template reference** Description
Acquisition Templates    
SUSI_img_acq_Preset SAT01 Open loop (blind) pointing
SUSI_img_acq_MoveToPixel SAT02 Target field at location (brings the object to a given pixel after taking a short acquisition image)
Observation Templates    
SUSI_img_obs_Exposure SOT01 Single image
SUSI_img_obs_Exposures   Multiple images without dithering
SUSI_img_obs_Jitter SOT02 Multiple images with dithering
SUSI_img_obs_DoubleW   Reads two non overlapping subwindows (for fast photometry)
Calibration Templates    
SUSI_img_cal_Dark SCT01 Biases and Darks
SUSI_img_cal_DomeFF SCT02 Dome flat-fields (a series of flats at a given intensity level)
SUSI_img_cal_SkyFF SCT03 Twilight flat-fields (a series of flats at a given intensity level. Exposure times are computed according to the model of sky brightness de/increase)
SUSI_img_cal_TelFocus SCT04 Through-focus sequence

** Note: In Period 68 (Oct.2001), a new set of SuSI2 observations templates was introduced (known as SuSI2001). As of Period 69 (April 2002), the old templates are no longer supported, and new OBs must be prepared using SuSI2001.

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